Toshiba ML-EM45P(BS) Countertop Microwave Review

Toshiba ML-EM45P(BS) Countertop Microwave Review

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Mother’s Day has just passed but it’s never too late to send a gift to your wonderful mother. While holiday tickets are almost impossible these days, giving useful kitchen appliances makes you a good kid. How about buying a microwave and surprising your mother? Toshiba ML-EM45P(BS) can be a perfect choice to enhance her cooking experience, or even yours.

The countertop microwave oven comes with useful features such as a smart sensor, memory function, and auto defrost. All the cooking convenience is wrapped in a stylish design with black stainless steel finish to match various kitchen styles. It just gets better with a large display, energy-saving mode, and many other features to make your cooking time more enjoyable.

Stylish Design with Stainless Steel Finish

Bringing a new appliance into your kitchen means giving additional components to the interior. Thankfully, the ML-EM45P(BS) is designed with a black stainless steel finish that looks good in different kitchen styles. This model won’t break your kitchen concept, instead, it can blend nicely with other kitchen components including the countertop. Thanks to neutral shade and glossy finish it delivers.

Toshiba ML-EM45P(BS) Design

The countertop microwave is well-constructed with space-saving design as it measures 21.77 inches wide by 17.91 inches deep by 12.87 inches high. Having that said, the microwave unit has ample interior with a 1.6 cubic ft capacity as well as turntable diameter as wide as 13.58 inches. You can easily put a whole chicken, pizzas, or piles of veggies without crushing them.

From the exterior, this Toshiba’s microwave appears modern with clean keypads on the left side. The monochromatic concept along this control panel boosts its stylish look with black background and white printing. The keypads are divided into several sections including Smart Sensor option, numerical keypad, and other functional buttons such as Start and Stop/Cancel.

The microwave exterior is also equipped with a large, clear display with various functions. It has a clock function that allows you to keep track of time. When cooking, the display also shows cooking remaining time and timer.

Fully Featured Microwave Oven

Toshiba ML-EM45P(BS) Features

Having a ‘smart’ title behind its name, the ML-EM45P(BS) boasts a number of features to upgrade your cooking experience. The fully-featured microwave promises easier and faster cooking time with better tastes. I’m about to reveal standout features brought by this microwave oven, so you should keep scrolling through the page.

1. Pre-programmed sensor menu

As with Toshiba EM131A5C-BS, this microwave oven consumes up to 1100 watts and offers 10 different power settings including softening/melting, boiling liquid, and auto cook. Interestingly, I found that the power level can be changed even when the cooking process is in progress. No more overcooked foods!

2. Easy cooking with smart sensor

The countertop microwave is equipped with a smart sensor that offers 6 auto menus such as potato, rice, frozen pizza, and vegetable. If you are a newcomer in the kitchen, this feature can help you prepare the dinner. The built-in sensor can detect food’s humidity level during the cooking process and adjust the time as well as temperature for the best result and taste. With a smart sensor, everybody can cook!

3. Clock display

Never lose track of time with the microwave’s large display. The large display shows the cooking time remaining as well as a countdown timer. It also has a clock function, allowing you to check how much time left to the next mealtime.

4. Custom defrost

Defrosting dinner leftover or meat is no longer overwhelming, thanks to the smart defrost functionality brought by Toshiba ML-EM45P(BS). The microwave offers custom defrost and auto defrost which can be used for different purposes. If your food weighs around 1 pound, auto defrost will automatically adjust the power and timer for optimal heating. For custom defrost, input the food weight and let the unit do the rest.

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5. Position memory turntable

This is an innovative feature that allows the turntable to return to the initial position. The technique resets the position each time after use so you will find the dish position is exactly the same as you put it. This may sound simple but it made me comfortable when taking the dish or mug out of the microwave.

6. Energy-saving mode

The countertop microwave supports energy-saving eco mode that helps minimize energy consumption. All you have to do is turn on the Eco mode and the unit will automatically reduce its standby power by 50 percent. Aside from saving energy, it also saves operation costs.

7. Child safety lock

Children often wander in the kitchen without your supervision and potentially hurt themselves or cause unexpected damage to your appliances. For this reason, Toshiba embedded a child safety lock that ensures your kids’ safety when playing in the kitchen.

Toshiba ML-EM45P(BS) Pros and Cons

  • Smart sensor for cooking convenience
  • Stylish black stainless steel exterior
  • Copious features
  • Position memory turntable
  • Relatively unresponsive touchpads
  • Too lightweight

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Toshiba’s ML-EM45P(BS) is a versatile microwave oven with innovative features and versatile capabilities. Specifically designed for super mothers around the globe, I could mention many things to love about this product. However, there are also minor drawbacks that should be taken into consideration before purchasing this unit.

Toshiba ML-EM45P(BS) Pros

  • Smart sensor for cooking convenience

The first and foremost, the smart sensor is one thing that I really love about this model. I don’t have to give my attention to the fullest as the microwave can do the job very well. All I need to do is press the right button as my desire and the unit will do the rest. Busy mothers who don’t have much time in the kitchen will also find that the ML-EM45P(BS) is a great partner. Cooking has never been this easy before!

  • Stylish black stainless steel exterior

If you’re among kitchen owners who think twice or three times before adding a new component due to aesthetic reasons, feel safe to bring this model inside. The countertop microwave oven is specially designed to match different kitchen styles, thanks to stylish and premium stainless steel exterior that adds visual interest in your cooking space.

  • Copious features

Copious features

What makes the smart microwave even smarter? It’s surely the copious features that come along with the product. This model offers a wide array of useful features such as auto defrost, fast cooking, multi-stage cooking, and energy-saving mode to make your cooking experience more fun and enjoyable. Not to mention it has a child safety lock so you have nothing to worry about.

  • Position memory turntable

It’s rather frustrating to find your mug or dish change position. Taking it out of the microwave is a real struggle as you can accidentally hurt your hands. Luckily, the ML-EM45P(BS) comes with a position memory turntable that will return to its initial position after use. This innovative technology provides you with convenience when taking the dish out.

Toshiba ML-EM45P(BS) Cons

  • Relatively unresponsive touchpads

Apart from the myriad features, this countertop microwave has a troublesome lack. I found that the touchpads are quite unresponsive, making me push the pads over and over again before it starts to respond. It can be annoying, especially if you’re in a hurry.

  • Too lightweight

For some other products, being lightweight is an added value. But when it comes to microwave, I decided to consider it as a drawback. Microwave is not something you should carry, but it’s supposed to stay on the countertop. What happens when a microwave is too lightweight? When you pull the handle to open, you’ll find the whole microwave moves. It means you have to hold the top whenever you want to open it.

Bottom Line

I came to the conclusion that the Toshiba ML-EM45P(BS) is an excellent countertop microwave oven to complement your kitchen. The mixture of premium design and cutting-edge technology redefines your cooking experience. Not to mention the myriad features that deliver convenience when preparing dishes for the family.

Whether you want to buy it for yourself or a beloved one, the ML-EM45P(BS) is worth the thought. This kitchen appliance may lack a responsive touchpad or it may be too lightweight. But overall, the microwave oven is a strong reason why you should visit an electronic store soon. Under the big name of Toshiba, the ML-EM45P(BS) can do its job very well.

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