Simplicity S60 Spiffy Stick Vacuum Cleaner Review

Simplicity S60 Spiffy Stick Vacuum Cleaner Review

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The Simplicity S60 Spiffy is an upright bagless vacuum specifically designed for a convenient basic cleaning all around the house. It combines advanced technology and modern design that promises efficient and fun debris pick-ups experience.

Easily clean your floors or carpets with the lightweight and powerful vacuum. The S60 Spiffy is loaded with special features, such as an adjustable stick that helps people at different heights using the device. It is also equipped with the crevice tool that allows you to collect debris and dust from hard-to-reach areas.

Corded Upright & Lightweight Vacuum

Simplicity S60 Spiffy Design

Simplicity’s S60 Spiffy is a modern vacuum with a premium look. It is constructed from high quality plastic material that makes it super lightweight. Despite the plastic material, this cleaning tool doesn’t feel flimsy.

The corded vacuum is equipped with a 30ft cord, which means you can pick up debris and dust without interruption, such as dead battery like the DreameTech T20 cordless vacuum. And, the cord is long enough so you don’t have to change outlet when working in a large area.

a bagless vacuum cleaner

The S60 Spiffy is a bagless vacuum cleaner, which means it is not equipped with a dirt bag. Instead, it comes with a dirt compartment that can be opened only with the press of a button. Not only is it easy to empty, but also it is super easy to clean.

adjustable wand enable

While short people always have a problem with an upright vacuum, this model is an exception. It has an adjustable wand enable you to set it to the right height. It can be extended up to 48 inches, so it’s friendly to all users. Even your kids can try using the cleaning tool and help you out.

Additionally, a 10.75 inches floor nozzle allows effective and efficient cleaning with a powerful suction. Not to mention a non-slip handle grip enables you to move the tool conveniently.

Simplicity S60 Spiffy Special Features

Loaded with ease-of-use features, the Simplicity S60 Spiffy is a great tool to keep your house clean. Aside from convenient and lightweight design, non-slip handle grip, and a long cord, it has much more to bring to your table.

The vacuum cleaner comes in handy with 2 speeds—high and low. Adjust the speed as needed but keep the powerful suction to pick up debris and dust on carpets, area rugs, and hard floor. With the speed button, you can easily adjust the speed simply by switching the button.

A squeegee is a special feature for an effortless basic cleaning. It helps push small particles and mess toward the inlet so you won’t leave mess behind. The squeegee works well on every surface, including the hard floor and carpets. Grooming and cleaning your carpet is getting easier.

Crevice tool attachment

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Crevice tool attachment is another ease-of-use feature coming with this cleaning tool. It helps tackle crannies, nooks, and hard-to-reach areas. Simply replace the floor nozzle with the crevice tool for cleaning corners, edges, and tight spaces.

Additionally, it features four filtration stages with HEPA media filter that allows effective cleaning. This filter captures small particles, such as tobacco smoke, dust mites, pollen, mold, and even bacteria. It makes no surprise that the S60 Spiffy can be a healthy cleaning solution for your family.

Vacuum Performance

The corded vacuum cleaner works well on different surfaces, including carpets and bare floors. Thanks to powerful suction and squeegee that allows effortless cleaning on any surface. Not to mention it offers adjustable speed for different areas.

Vacuum Performance

Bare floors are the easiest to handle with the Simplicity S60 Spiffy. It allows you to work effortlessly to clean food bits, chunks, powder, pet hair, and much more. Attach the floor nozzle and set to low speed to clean up the mess. With powerful suction, it is dependable for quick spruce ups.

It also showed a good performance on tight spaces. After replacing the nozzle with crevice attachment and set to low speed, this vacuum cleaner picked up dust and loose debris effectively. It also worked to reach base boards and nooks.

How about working on carpets and rugs with this vacuum? Thanks to squeegee that allows easier task on any surfaces, including carpets. It has excellent capabilities on picking up pet hair and small particles from carpets and area rugs without leaving mess behind.

When it comes to maneuverability, the flexible swivel head allows you to move it around effortlessly. Combined with rubber wheels, running the cleaner on bare floors becomes much safer—it won’t scratch the surface.

Easy Maintenance

Maintenance is important to keep your vacuum in its best condition. Cleaning the vacuum after each use helps maintain the functionality and capabilities in picking up debris. Luckily, the Simplicity S60 Spiffy is quite easy to maintain.

Emptying the dirt compartment is a piece of cake. It has a press button that lets you empty dirt build up in the compartment. Once pressed, the lower valve will open and debris will run to your dust bin. No worries about debris and dust spilled on the floor.

It is also quite easy to maintain the filter. It consists of four separated parts which can be disassembled and cleaned. Clean the filter regularly so that the cleaner can capture small and microscopic particles effectively.

What’s in the Package?

What’s in the Package?

Every purchase of this product will give you a package consisting of an S60 Spiffy vacuum cleaner, a crevice tool, a certified HEPA filter and secondary filter. It also includes a user’s guide so you can assemble the filter and use the product as instructed.

However, the instructions can be a bit tricky especially if you are a novice user. You might need to refer to a YouTube video and learn how to assemble the parts.

Simplicity S60 Spiffy Pros and Cons

  • Simple and Lightweight
  • Rubber Wheels for Easy Maneuver
  • Long Cord
  • Adjustable Wand
  • Adjustable Speed
  • Struggle with High-Pile Carpet
  • No Handheld Configuration

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Simplicity’s S60 Spiffy sounds like a great tool to pick up debris, crumbs, and small particles from your floor. But before rushing to a store and bringing it home, you might need to peek into the pros and cons below.

Simplicity S60 Spiffy Pros

  • Simple and Lightweight

If you are seeking a lightweight vacuum with a simple design, you should go for it. The device is super easy to use, not to mention moving the cleaner here and there won’t spend much of your effort. It is a great tool to work on bare floors and carpets.

  • Rubber Wheels for Easy Maneuver

The S60 Spiffy is equipped with rubber wheels that allow easy maneuver so collecting dust and debris from all hard flooring is super easy. And, a squeegee comes in handy to make sure no unwanted particles are left behind. It’s clean, it’s easy!

  • Long Cord

Enjoy cleaning your house without interruption, be it dead battery or short cord. Thanks to a long cord that lets you move the vacuum cleaner without changing outlets. If you have a large house, this is surely what you need to have.

  • Adjustable Wand

This vacuum is user friendly. Whether you are tall or not, operating this vacuum will be easy with the adjustable wand. Simply adjust the stick as desired and enjoy moving the tool. As a bonus, it also has an ergonomic handle grip for your convenience.

  • Adjustable Speed

Adjust the speed to get the best vacuum result. With two speed options, you can switch the speed that meets the messes.

Simplicity S60 Spiffy Cons

  • Struggle with High-Pile Carpet

Working on a thick carpet isn’t easy for most mini vacuum cleaner and the S60 Spiffy is no exception. It may have a powerful suction but it struggles with high pile carpet.

  • No Handheld Configuration

This vacuum cleaner doesn’t support handheld configuration. As it can only be used as an upright vacuum, this tool is unable to clean upholstery, drapes, or car interior.

Final Verdicts

I come to the conclusion that the Simplicity S60 Spiffy is a simple cleaning solution for any household. The mini upright vacuum cleaner has a set of features that help clean all the messes throughout your house. Although it doesn’t support handheld configuration, it has a dependable basic cleaning ability.

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