Samsung TU8000 4K UHD Smart TV Review [43, 50, 55, 65, 75 Inch]

Samsung TU8000 4K UHD Smart TV Review

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The previous year, Samsung apparently had worked really hard to prepare for 2020 releases. Earlier this year, the giant manufacturer introduced its new 4K QLED smart TVs that range from the Q60T up to the premium Q90T. Not enough with the QLED, Samsung also launched its crystal 4K Ultra HD, the Samsung TU8000.

Although it is intended to compete in low range, the TU8000 is equipped with impressive features such as crystal processor and HDR technology. You can also enjoy a better life with OneRemote that helps control connected and compatible devices. If the TU8000 becomes the biggest candidate for your new TV, let me help you make a decision through the following review.

Refined Design, Enhanced Interior

Placing a TV set in your living room or entertainment room means giving a new element to the interior. Samsung understands how television can make or break the interior, so it gives you a TV with refined design.

The TU8000 boasts a super slim body that fits any room or any styles. The sleek layout becomes another plus point that lets you make a statement in any given space. Made of classic black plastic, this device looks elegant yet sturdy. Thanks to brushed finish that provides additional value and texture to its back lid.

Moving to the front, the TU8000 is designed with an ultra-narrow bezel that creates a wider effect on your screen. The bezel allows you to focus on the pictures instead of the TV device. Another key point from its layout is the stands that are easy to set up. It features two sturdy V-shaped stands that are specifically made to keep the device steady on the table.

Interestingly, I noticed that the stands are not merely used to hold the TV. It also offers a clean cable solution by hiding the cables in the stand. Now you can enjoy a clutter-free console table with these versatile TV stands.

Samsung’s TU8000 is available in four different sizes, ranging from 43-inch up to 75-inch. The smallest model weighs 18.3 pounds with stand while the largest weighs 46.1 pounds with stand. According to this weight rate, the TU8000 is lightweight compared to Samsung’s T models.

Powerful Picture Quality with Vivid Color

The Samsung TU8000 boasts a stunning resolution with its 4K UHD LCD display. It helps upscale anything you watch into 4K resolution with amazing details and a clear picture. Now you can enjoy more vivid pictures, thanks to the crystal display that delivers crisp and crystal clear colors.

Samsung TU8000: Powerful Picture Quality with Vivid Color

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The TU8000 is powered by Crystal Processor 4K, the most advanced processor with ultra-fast performance to transform all the pictures into stunning 4K. When compared with the FHD display, Samsung’s UHD provides much better details, enhanced contrast, and crisp color. It also features HDR that offers a wider color spectrum, allowing you to enjoy visual details even in dark scenes.

Middling Audio Quality

Samsung embeds Dolby audio to produce a clear sound. It comes with 2.0-channel audio that consumes 20 watts. For audio enhancement, the TU8000 supports woofer so you can get better sound quality. I should say that the TU8000 is not even better than the Q70T that features 2.1-channel audio. And yet, I appreciate it uses Dolby so you have something to expect from its sound.

Do you want to watch TV without disturbing other family members? The TU8000 features Bluetooth headset support that enables you to enjoy the TV quietly.

Smart Features and Apps

As a smart TV, Samsung’s TU8000 comes with a handful of key features to make your life easier. Let’s begin with Universal Guide that offers easy and quick searching. This feature provides a list of content from streaming channels so you can find favorite content in a bucket.

The TU8000 also supports multiple voice assistants. Simply ask Alexa, Google Assistant or Bixby to get your favorite content and control the TV. Amazingly, it also allows you to control other connected devices around the house.

Improve your experience with OneRemote. If you want to work with your hands, Samsung’s OneRemote helps control all compatible and connected devices. The remote delivers ergonomic design with slim and sleek to match the refined TV device. In addition, full-features smart TV is powered by TIZEN for engaging TV time.

A Gamer’s TV

A Gamer’s TV

When the computer screen is too small for gaming, the TU8000 offers a more engaging experience with its large screen and real-life pictures. This TV is specially made to satisfy gamers around the globe, thanks to Auto Game Mode that enables you to optimize the screen and minimize input lag. Not to mention it provides you with more control for any kind of game.

If your old monitor often experiences lags and blur while gaming, the Auto Game Mode can be the best alternative. It lets you enjoy smooth gaming without blur, lags, or judder.

Connectivity and Available Ports

Do you need to enjoy the TV in different ways? Worry not, the TU8000 has several choices to opt for. The Samsung TV comes with standard wireless connectivity that includes Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, and Bluetooth. It also supports 3 HDMI ports, Ethernet (LAN), and two USB 2.0 ports. Digital audio output is also available.

A wide array of ports and connectivity choices enables you to connect the TV with other devices such as smartphones, tablets, speakers, game consoles and many more. You will never get bored to have fun with this TV.

Samsung TU8000 Pros and Cons

  • Stunning detail and powerful picture quality
  • Clutter-free TV stand
  • Sleek and lightweight
  • Middling audio quality

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The TU8000 is one of Samsung’s low range 4K smart UHD TV. Though it is available at a reasonable price, this device offers an array of features to make your day more fun and entertaining. But before making a decision and regretting what you have purchased, I am going to help you with the following pros and cons.

Samsung TU8000 Pros

  • Stunning detail and powerful picture quality

One of the most valuable points offered by the Samsung TU8000 is its crystal UHD display. It manages to deliver powerful picture quality with stunning details, thanks to High Dynamic Range that won’t let you miss anything. Powered by Crystal Processor 4K, it transforms anything you see into amazing 4K resolutions.

  • Clutter-free TV stand

Personally, I really love the Idea Samsung used clutter-free stands that help hide all TV cables. Cluttered cables are the last thing you want to see in your modern house. Samsung’s slim feet offer a brilliant solution to keep your room neat and tidy as it keeps the cables out of sight.

  • Sleek and lightweight

This device delivers a narrow bezel, even narrower than its counterpart, the Q70T. When compared to other slim TVs, the TU8000 is quite lightweight. The smallest size weighs only 18.3 pounds while the largest weighs only 46.1 pounds. It provides you with placement flexibility without worries.

Samsung TU8000 Cons

  • Middling audio quality

Unfortunately, the TU8000 does not receive powerful audio support. It only features Dolby audio with 2.0-channel. And yet, it supports an additional subwoofer to relieve your pain.

Final Verdict

The Samsung TU8000 crystal UHD 4K smart TV redefines your TV watching time. Delivering advanced screen technology combined with smart features, this device lets you enjoy life full of entertainment. Thanks to multiple voice assistants that offer hands-free full control to the TV and other connected devices.

If you are looking for a smart TV with excellent pictures and versatile features, the TU8000 is right there for you. But if middling sound quality bothers you so much, I recommend you to find other choices.

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