Samsung Q80T QLED 4K UHD Smart TV Review [49, 55, 65, 75, 85 Inch]

Samsung Q80T QLED 4K UHD Smart TV Review

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In March, Samsung has launched the new 4K smart TV known as the Samsung Q80T. Being the part of the 4K QLED family, this model comes with significant differences compared to the two lower models, Samsung Q60T and Samsung Q70T. It deserves the semi-premium epithet that represents its amazing features and advanced specifications.

It boasts impressive audio quality, thanks to the new audio technology embedded in this device. Picture quality also draws a lot of attention with a wide-angle and higher dynamic range. I believe the Q80T is going to be a new favorite among users who need to upgrade their entertainment experience in front of the TV.

Adorable Design with Ultra Slim Body

Samsung’s Q80T does not offer a significant difference in design and layout. Especially for the box, it comes with the typical design of Samsung’s QLED TVs with the ultra-slim body and sleek look. Compared to the Q60T in a similar size, the Q80T weighs 20 more pounds with its stand. It means you have to pay attention when you want to mount it on the wall.

Samsung Q80T Design

The Q80T comes in basic black and other color variants are not available. It is constructed from black plastic that evokes elegance and simplicity, combined with narrow front rims that create a wider effect on the screen. At the back, this TV receives brushed finish with a matte-glossy effect which accentuates its classy look.

Under the slim box, you will not find boomerang-shaped double stands as in the Q60T and Q70T. Instead, it uses a rectangle single stand to support the device from its center. This stand type is also used in Samsung’s premium Q90T. I assume that the manufacturer wants the customers to notice the ‘class’ difference from its stand.

The Q80T is available in five different sizes that range from 49-inch up to 85-inch. The size, however, affects the price that you have to pay. The smallest version costs you around a thousand dollars while the largest one reaches 4 thousand dollars.

Impressive Specs and Features

The 4K semi-premium QLED TV has many to offer to make your TV-time more engaging. The Ultra HD TV boasts picture quality beyond your expectations, as well as impressive audio. Get to know more about the specs and features below.

1. Screen technology

The Q80T features QLED display type, delivering much better picture quality than its competitors. The QLED display is combined with LED backlighting that offers enhanced contrast and superb detail for any moment. Direct Full Array is reliable to control backlights and provide deeper contrast, giving brighter whites and richer blacks. This feature is available only on a 55-inch version and up.

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Quantum HDR 12X won’t let you miss any small details. This feature helps tune shades of cinematic color that lets you experience much better details as if you are seeing a real-life picture. Thanks to the powerful quantum processor that upgrades your TV watching experience. It presents AI technology that allows the device to learn the content that you like and provide you with suggestions.

As with other 4K QLED models, the Q80T also supports quantum dots with 100% color volume. This feature produces more than a billion color shades that keep the scene like real in their true colors.

2. Audio quality

The Q80T comes with better built-in speakers that feature Objective Tracking Sound to let you feel what you see. This sound technology comes with double top and double bottom built-in speakers that enable the sound to follow the action, so you will not only see but also feel it.

Samsung Q80T Audio Quality

In addition to Objective Tracking Sound, Samsung has embedded Q-Symphony audio technology to this semi-premium TV. This technology is not available in lower versions, so it redefines the class of the Q80T. Q-Symphony is a feature that lets you combine built-in speakers with Samsung soundbar. This combination delivers richer audio, more volume, as well as a taller soundstage.

3. Connectivity and ports

The Q80T offers both wireless and wired connectivity. The standard wireless connectivity technology includes Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to help you build a connection with other devices. The 4K TV also has 4 HDMI ports and a USB port so you can upgrade your watching preferences. Ethernet port is also available to build a reliable connection.

Easy Control with Alexa Built-in

Amazon’s Alexa is now available on many devices and the Q80T is no exception. The smart TV supports Alexa built-in, providing you with easy voice control to make your life easier. Simply ask Alexa to search for your favorite movies, change the channel, or get updates. Together with AI technology, the Q80T brings future convenience to the present time.

Aside from Alexa voice service, you can also connect the TV with Google Assistant or Google Home smart speaker. Samsung’s Bixby is also available to bring your TV-time to the next level.

Samsung Q80T Pros and Cons

  • Outstanding picture quality
  • Amazing audio quality
  • Generous HDMI ports
  • Heavy
  • Lack of extra-wide angle

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Samsung’s Q80T is a QLED 4K smart TV with powerful specs. The full-featured device is specifically designed to meet your needs of modern life, thanks to innovative technology embedded in its slim body. However, I am not going to say that Samsung Q80T is a perfect TV without drawbacks. Even though it’s rather hard to mention them one by one, I’m about to reveal the cons as well as the pros.

Samsung Q80T Pros

  • Outstanding picture quality

The picture quality presented by the Q80T is undoubted. Featuring a direct full array combined with quantum dots and HDR, this TV manages to deliver crisp images with enhanced contrast. Not to mention it also features dual LED and LED backlighting to give you an exciting moment in front of the TV.

  • Amazing audio quality

Not only does the Q80T offer outstanding picture quality, but it also boasts amazing audio quality. You can count on the Q-Symphony audio technology to produce rich audio. Along with Samsung’s objective tracking sound, the TV lets you feel what you see.

  • Generous HDMI ports

If you want to pair Samsung TV with other devices such as a game console, smartphone, or DVD player, the Q80T offers generous HDMI ports. It comes with 4 ports, allowing you to connect with 4 different devices at the same time. Compared to other TV in the same class, the Q80T offers more ports for your convenience.

Samsung Q80T Cons

  • Heavy

The fact that the Q80T comes with a heavier body, you need to think twice before mounting the device. It weighs 20 more pounds than the Q60T in the same size. I personally don’t recommend you to mount it on the wall, which means you have to prepare a console table to hold the TV. But it gives additional problems if you have limited space in the living room or bedroom.

  • Lack of extra-wide angle

I don’t know why Samsung ditched the extra-wide viewing angle in this Q80T. Its predecessor, the Q80 series model year 2019 had the technology that enables you to watch the TV clearly from any angle. This is surely a great lack the Q80T should encounter.

Final Verdict

All in all, the Samsung Q80T 4K QLED is a semi-premium smart TV armed with a handful of features. The outstanding picture quality becomes a major reason why this device should be installed in your modern house. Alexa’s built-in feature also complements your smart house, thanks to voice control to make your life easier. But the lack of an extra-wide viewing angle can be a thing to reduce its charm.

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    1. The QE4980T comes with Q-Symphony and HDMI 2.1 Port 4. Unfortunately, OTS not supported on 49″ model.

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