Samsung Q70T QLED 4K UHD Smart TV Review [55, 65,75 & 85 Inch]

Samsung Q70T QLED 4K UHD Smart TV Review

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This year, Samsung has launched a series of premium 4K smart TVs to upgrade your space including living room, bedroom, or media room. Known as the T models, they bring some refreshments from their predecessors. The line of premium 4K TV ranges from the basic Q60T all the way up to the most premium Q90T. Here, I’m about to reveal the top-rated Samsung Q70T Smart QLED TV.

According to the series, the Q70T is higher than the most basic Q60T but it is not as premium as the Q90T. It means the TV comes with better features and performance than the basic model, though you cannot expect too much. The Q70T is powered by quantum technology to support high-quality pictures on a large screen. What’s more? Check this out and decide later!

Inviting and Sleek Design

The Q70T is another stylish full-featured TV to level up any given space. It delivers an ultra-slim body that looks inviting, combined with an ultra-widescreen to satisfy your vision. The TV does not give too much visual distraction to any space, be it wall-mounted or placed on the table. Thanks to the simple layout that lets you combine with most interior styles.

Samsung Q70T Design

Though it comes with a slim design, the Q70T needs more effort to move. A 75-inch TV weighs around 104 pounds, which is quite relatively heavy. Unless you can find compatible and sturdy wall mountings, it may be suitable on your console table.

Much like the basic model, the Q70T is also equipped with boomerang-shaped stands on both sides. The stands are strong and durable to support the box load, at the same time it adds visual interest to the device. Unlike the previous single C-shaped stand, dual stands offer more stability.

When it comes to body construction, Samsung’s Q70T is built from high-quality black plastic. The classic black body promotes a stylish and elegant look to upgrade your interior. At the back, you can find a brushed finish to add texture, it does not look boring.

The Q70T 4K QLED TV is available in different sizes, ranging from 55-inch, 65-inch, 75 inch, and 85-inch. I’m not sure why Samsung offers such large sizes instead of starting from smaller ones. Whatever the reason is, you can enjoy the large screen with narrow rims.

Samsung Q70T Specs and Features

Samsung’s Q70T is expected to have better specs and features than the Q60T. The manufacturer has embedded advanced technology to improve your TV watching experiences, such as quantum processor and mode options.

1. Screen technology

The Q70T delivers QLED 4K Ultra High Definition display that indulges your moments in front of the TV. It has edge lighting that makes it rather similar to the predecessor, the Q60R. As with other T-models, it features Dual LED screen, a system that offers cool and warm LED backlights. The system allows you to enjoy enhanced contrast details. 

Quantum processor 4K is another sophisticated technology embedded in the screen, combined with quantum dots that unleash fantastic display with billions of color shades. This powerful processor lets you feel an engaging experience when watching TV, thanks to Artificial Intelligence to give you the best 4K picture quality.

Quantum HDR

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In addition to a quantum processor, the Q70T also has a quantum HDR that gives impressive details to the picture. This innovation expands color and detail range farther than what ordinary High Definition TVs can offer. With the Q70T, you can enjoy any kind of movie, sports, or games and feel the real-life picture quality.

If you often experience blurred images while watching sports or action movies, it’s time to enjoy better moments. The Q70T features Motion Rate 240, a technology that helps minimizes motion blur. As a result, sports and action movies look crisp, smooth, and fantastic.

Last but not least, you can also enjoy the Ambient Mode+. This mode turns your blank screen into tempting visuals so that it can blend with your space. 

2. Audio quality

If you think that Q-Symphony sound technology will be present in this model, I’m afraid you are going to be disappointed. The technology that enables you to use the Samsung soundbar is not available in the Q70T. Instead, you will find standard 2.1-channel audio that offers middling audio quality.

3. Ports and connectivity

Samsung Q70T Ports and Connectivity

Standard wireless connectivity that I found in this top-rated TV includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. When it comes to wired connections, this TV offers HDMI ports and USB ports that let you play videos, music, or videos from other devices.

4. Voice control and software

It seems like Alexa built-in becomes the standard feature for Samsung’s 4K QLED series. As with the 60T, Samsung Q70T also features Alexa built-in that lets you voice control the TV. Whenever your hands are busy or simply want to enjoy a good life, just ask Alexa to search for movies, change the channel, or play music.

You can also experience other voice services by pairing your Samsung TV with Google Home smart speaker. Now you can control the device with your voice. As an alternative, connect the TV with Samsung’s Bixby and enjoy your day.

Samsung Q70T Pros and Cons

  • Real-life picture quality
  • Ambient mode
  • Simple and elegant design
  • Middling audio quality
  • Slim yet heavy

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Samsung Q70T is not a premium QLED TV that offers superb features as it has many things to improve. And yet, you can enjoy this 4K TV at its best through UHD picture quality and others. Take a closer look at the following pros and cons before giving your judgment.

Samsung Q70T Pros

  • Real-life picture quality

Samsung’s Q70T combines sophisticated features to produce picture quality beyond other HD TVs. It supports quantum dots, quantum processor, and quantum HDR that work together to deliver real-life pictures with crisp and vivid colors. Thanks to Motion Rate that allows you to enjoy every fast-action moment, such as sports and movies. 

  • Ambient mode

I love the way this TV adorn your space even when it is turned off. The Q70T features an ambient mode that helps the device to turn its blank screen into attractive visuals. Now it can blend nicely into your interior space.

  • Simple and elegant design

The Q70T screams elegance, thanks to black plastic cover that evokes a strong accent of simplicity. Minimalist design with the brushed finish at its back makes it a perfect addition for most interior styles, especially modern, contemporary, or minimalist.

Samsung Q70T Cons

  • Middling audio quality

In my opinion, the Q70T shares similar drawbacks with the Samsung Q60T for its audio quality. The Q70T is not yet supported by Q-Symphony, the sophisticated sound technology for the richer and much better audio experience. It offers standard audio quality with 2.1-channel audio technology.

  • Slim yet heavy

It’s true that the Q70T delivers a slim and sleek design. But the fact that it weighs over 100 pounds for the 75-inch item should be taken into consideration. If you cannot find the right wall mountings or racks to support such heavy load, it will be much better to place the product on the table. But you should sacrifice more space for its widescreen.

Final Verdict

The Samsung Q70T is a full-featured QLED Smart TV to upgrade your TV watching experience. It boasts couples of excitement such as high-quality pictures and adorable designs. Whenever you are searching for a versatile TV that offers big name and sophisticated features, the Q70T is surely for you. But if you are looking for a lightweight TV with impressive audio quality, the Q70T will not meet your requirements.

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