Polaroid Hi-Print Review, Pros and Cons

Polaroid Hi-Print Review

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The Polaroid Hi-Print is a new definition of printing on-the-go. The wallet-size device takes your printing experience to the next level, thanks to a set of versatile features and sophisticated technology that makes it one of the best tiny photo printers.

Rumor has it that the Hi-Print is smartphone’s best friend. With the ability to establish robust connectivity with your handheld device, printing high quality photos has never been this easy. Not to mention sub-dye technology promises vibrant color for your card size prints.

Super Compact, Easy to Travel

Super Compact, Easy to Travel

As the name suggests, the printer truly comes in a pocket size. I really love how it can slip easily into my bag or pocket without giving extra burden. Measuring 1.8 inches (H) by 4.0 inches (W) by 6.9 inches (D) and weighing half a pound, this printer is way smaller than its competitor, the Brother VC-500W.

When it comes to layout and appearance, the Hi-Print photo printer looks quite simple with rounded edges and white casing. The model employs rainbow-wrapped end which looks beautiful, not to mention I can easily see the Polaroid logo at one corner.

Another thing I like about this printer is that it doesn’t house too many buttons or holes. The bottom edge houses a micro-USB port that enables you to charge the device. At the left edge, there is a power button and two status lights.

Superb Pocket Photo Printer

Polaroid Hi-Print might come in a small size but it is undoubtedly an excellent printer that churns out incredible wallet-size photos. This model employs 2- by 3- inch format that makes itself a strong competitor for Kodak, Canon, and Fujifilm.

Superb Pocket Photo Printer

Featuring dye sublimation technology, it lets you produce business card-sized prints right from mobile devices. The Hi-Print is designed as a four-pass printer, which means the paper goes back and forth over the printhead to complete the process.

For the first three sets of back and forth, the paper receives CMY ink colors and the fourth it receives a clear coating. This coating helps protect the photo so that the image won’t degrade. And you know what? The manufacturer claims that the prints are waterproof.

What do I think about this print technology? I should say that this is a new definition of portable printing. With the help of dye-sublimation ink ribbon, you don’t need to mess around with conventional inks and cartridges.

Competitive Print Seed

The fact that Hi-Print works with four passes, you might think it requires more time to print photos. Compared to other devices that take only one sweep, this model is not left behind. It is rated at 60 seconds per photo, which is equal to 1 ppm.

Other pocket photo printers offer a slightly faster print speed at 58 seconds per photo, just like HP Sprocket Plus. However, some others show a slower performance, like HP Sprocket Studio that takes 2 minutes and 5 seconds to print. So, I can confirm that the Hi-Print has a competitive print speed.

Media and Paper Handling

Polaroid Hi-Print lets you have fun with photos—simply choose it, print it, and stick it. This pocket-sized photo printer uses self-adhesive photo paper that allows you to peel and stick favorite images on phone, laptop, or anywhere else.

Turn your best moments, screenshots, or funny memes into a vibrant, beautiful-looking print. Without the need of using a laptop or PC, you can easily print anywhere and anytime right from your smartphone.

What is the best paper choice for the Hi-Print? You can opt for glossy photo paper or Polaroid Hi-Print Paper to load into the device.

Good Printer with Vibrant Output

Rumor has it that Zero Ink (ZINK) is the best technology for instant pocket printers. I believed this rumor until I found that Polaroid Hi-Print which uses dye-sublimation technology is able to deliver beautiful prints with vivid color, even more vibrant than ZINK printers.

Good Printer with Vibrant Output

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In fact, dye-sublimation has been around for a while. The imaging method has been used in many printers used by professional photographers before inkjet got better at photo printing. It is capable of delivering vibrant colors and impeccable details, making it a competitor to professional inkjets.

Getting back to the Polaroid Hi-Print, the output is the best for a pocket-sized photo. The life-like prints allow you to upgrade image printing experience and turn your ideas into a high quality print. Not to mention it supports waterproof prints that will not fade over time.

Polaroid Hi-Print Consumables

One of Hi-Print’s secrets to beautiful print and ease of use is 2 x 3 paper-ink cartridges. Polaroid is known as the first printer that uses ink-paper cartridges while its competitors use heat-activated dye paper. It results in water-resistant and fade-resistant prints.

Polaroid Hi-Print Consumables

The manufacturer offers two products: standalone printer and starter set. The package of standalone Polaroid Hi-Print consists of a printer and a charging cable. The latter mentioned comes packed with a printer, micro-USB charging cable, and two 20-photo cartridges that contain paper and ink ribbon.

To be honest, this is quite disturbing for me since most instant printers that I know come with a few sheets of supplies at minimum. I just can’t imagine how disappointed the buyers who opt for Hi-Print standalone printer finally find out that the package doesn’t come with consumables.

Battery and Power

To make it work, Polaroid Hi-Print is powered by a 620mAh lithium-ion battery. This battery has enough capacity to print up to 20 photos with a single charge. You don’t need to worry about dead battery as it takes only 1 hour to be fully charged.

Charging this pocket-sized printer isn’t a big deal. The package includes a micro-USB cable that can be plugged into a micro USB port for easy charging. Just in case you forget to bring the charger, smartphone charger will do.

Connectivity Options

Polaroid Hi-Print supports wireless printing, thanks to Bluetooth connectivity that enables you to establish reliable connection to mobile devices. This means you can ditch the cords and print favorite photos from almost anywhere.

Polaroid Hi·Print App

The instant printer is compatible with iOS 6s and newer that runs iOS 12.2 or higher. It also works well on most Android smartphones that run Android 7 or higher. Before using, you are required to download apps on Google Play Store or App Store.

Once paired with your smartphone, the app can find the device immediately. Set up the configuration and your pocket printer is ready to use. Good news for all, the app lets you edit and enhance photos before printing.

Whether you want to adjust brightness, saturation, contrast, or add filters, you can go for it. The app also comes with the ability to add text, frame, as well as stickers. Overall, the pair of instant printer and Hi-Print app allows you to upgrade image printing experience.

Unfortunately, this pocket printer is strictly available for mobile devices only. It doesn’t support Windows or Mac OS, which means you can’t connect the printer to PC or laptop.

Polaroid Hi-Print Pros and Cons

  • Travel Friendly
  • Vibrant and Detailed Images
  • Easy to Configure
  • Standalone Package Doesn’t Include Paper-Ink Cartridges
  • Not Compatible with Desktop Computer
  • High Running Cost

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Polaroid Hi-Print is a mini photo printer that boasts versatility. It can be an ideal companion to your smartphone but it can’t be denied that the device comes with a few drawbacks. If you need help to make a decision, the following pros and cons will do.

Polaroid Hi-Print Pros

  • Travel Friendly

As a pocket-sized printer, it comes with a super compact design that makes it friendly for traveling. Simply slip the device into your pocket or bag and you are ready to print on the go.

  • Vibrant and Detailed Images

Dye-sublimation technology allows the instant printer to produce high quality and vivid prints. Whether you want to print favorite snapshots, best moments, or memes, Hi-Print will help you out. As a bonus, it lets you stick the prints anywhere you want.

  • Easy to Configure

This printer doesn’t require complicated setup. Simply download the app for your mobile device, pair with Bluetooth and the app will find the device immediately. With a few configurations, you will be ready to enjoy a fun printing experience.

Polaroid Hi-Print Cons

  • Standalone Package Doesn’t Include Paper-Ink Cartridges

If you opt for standalone Polaroid Hi-Print, you’ll need to buy consumables separately. This is quite disappointing to me and I believe many customers out there feel the same.

  • Not Compatible with Desktop Computer

This mini printer is not compatible with desktop computers as the manufacturer doesn’t offer a program or software for Windows and Mac OS. If you insist, you might need to use an Android emulator to make it work properly on PC or laptop.

  • High Running Cost

If you are looking for a mini printer with affordable running cost, this model isn’t for you. It costs around 70 cents up to 86 cents per print, which is obviously costly. Not to mention the package doesn’t include paper cartridge which requires you to spend extra money.

Final Thoughts

How do I feel about this printer? Polaroid Hi-Print is a holy grail for photo enthusiasts. The ability to print directly from the phone—anywhere and anytime—make it a perfect companion for your mobile device. Printing on the go isn’t a big deal with Hi-Print instant printer.

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