Lexmark C2535dw Review, Pros and Cons

Lexmark C2535dw Review

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The Lexmark C2535dw is a business-oriented color laser printer built to enhance work productivity. Designed with business in mind, it combines powerful printing ability and lightning-fast print speed. Less time with the printer means more time to upgrade your skills.

Featuring an integrated duplexer, printing double-sided document is now hands-free. This product helps your business run with generous input capacity and high recommended monthly volume of up to 8500 pages. Using this printer, you can focus on expanding the business, not the document.

Lexmark C2535dw Build and Design

Lexmark’s laser printers are characterized by a compact and simple build with steel frame. The C2535dw holds this tradition to support reliable performance in your office. Such robust construction allows the product to meet your fast work pace.

Lexmark C2535dw Build and Design

Measuring 12 inches (H) by 17.4 inches (W) by 16.5 inches (D) and weighing around 46 pounds, this business printer has a small footprint. Finding a place for this device is relatively easy, although it might take more space in your room.

The C2535dw has an integrated duplexer that allows effortless double-sided printing. Unlike the Lexmark MB2546adew that looks striking with its ADF on the top of the device, this product is much simpler and elegant.

And, it features new front panel with a 2.4-inch color LCD. Numerical buttons and functional buttons enables easy setup for a better printing experience. You can also control printer status right from the display.

Overall, Lexmark’s design and build is excellent as usual. With a robust construction and simple design, this business-oriented printer supports your professional business without hassle. Despite it is a bit weighty, it won’t give you so much trouble in the office.

Color Laser Printing

The small to medium workgroup printer promises excellent outputs. It combines color laser technology and high print resolution up to 4800 CQ for both mono and color. Not surprisingly, it is able to provide you with excellent print results for text and photos.

Using this device, printing double-sided document is getting easier with an integrated duplexer. Only with a simple configuration, it can perform duplex printing for enhanced work efficiency. For the best print result, be sure to set the print area into 0.1 inches from the top, bottom, left, and right edges.

If you ask me about the print specifications, high print resolution makes it excellent. Compared to its counterparts that support up to 600 x 600 dpi, I’m pretty sure this model is dependable to handle professional business documents.

Lightning-Fast Speed

Most workgroup printers are demanded to be fast so you can keep up with the work productivity. The Lexmark C2535dw is a device you can count on, thanks to fast print speed that won’t make you wait. It has an excellent speed rating to help improve time efficiency.

This model is rated at 35 ppm for black and color on Letter paper and 33 ppm on A4 paper. This rating is incredibly fast, making it an ideal choice for a busy work environment. The speed drops to 17.5 spm when you print double-sided document.

In addition to print speed, it takes less than 7.5 seconds for first print out time, both black and color. The speed rating and first print out time proves that the C2535dw is a great printer for small to medium workgroups with a fast work pace.

Input Capacity and Print Volume

Most small to medium workgroups, offices, and enterprises have low to medium print volume. This printer is specifically designed to meet this demand, thanks to generous input capacity that allows efficient printing without frequent paper reload.

Input Capacity and Print Volume

The C2535dw has a standard input tray that holds up to 250+1 pages. This capacity is sufficient for small workgroups but businesses with higher volume might need more capacities. That’s why the manufacturer offers upgradable input capacity up to 1450+1 pages for larger workgroups.

When it comes to print volume, the Lexmark C2535dw is rated at 1500 up to 8500 pages of monthly volume with 85,000 pages of monthly duty cycle. That means you will have more time for printing than doing service.

This laser printer supports a variety of media sizes, such as A6, Oficio, envelopes, A4, Legal, A5, and many others. And, you can print on various media types, including plain paper, vinyl labels, card stock, paper labels, and much more.

With a support for various media types and sizes, this printer is not only dependable to handle business documents but also creative projects. It is also excellent to print marketing materials to support your business.

Print Quality

It goes without saying that a printer can represent your business. I always believe that well-printed documents will create a better engagement with your client, that’s why print quality becomes essential when you are seeking the best printer for your office.

Print Quality

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The C2535dw is one of few printers that offer reliable output quality. This product is able to deliver highly legible and well-shaped characters. No peculiar spacing or misshaped characters was found, making your documents look professional.

This product also works well as a color printer. With the ability to produce vibrant, vivid, and accurate colors, it is reliable to handle photos, marketing materials, creative projects, or documents with illustrations.

Adding the print quality, the C2535dw can easily handle gradients and fills. The output comes without noticeable streaking and banding, as expected from a laser printer. Whether you want to print charts or graphics, this printer can easily tackle the task.

Toner Cartridges

The Lexmark C2535dw uses two toner cartridges consisting of Black and CMY (Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow). Each package of printer includes a 3,000-page Black Return Program and a 1,400-page CMY Return Program toner cartridges. This is average yield for simplex printing on standard pages.

Lexmark C2535dw Toner Cartridges

Replacement cartridges are available in a variety of options. For medium workgroups with higher print volume, Extra High Yield cartridges are available. These cartridges offer up to 6,000 pages for black and 3,500 pages for color.

To simplify budgets on running cost, you may opt for Ultra High Yield black cartridge that produces up to 8,000 pages. This printer has relatively low print costs, though it can double if your workgroups have a higher print volume.

Connectivity and Security

This model supports both wired and wireless connectivity options. Standard interface includes direct USB and Ethernet network that promise robust and reliable connection with your computer. It also supports Wi-Fi that lets you connect wirelessly.

Google Cloud Print

Adding the connectivity options, the C2535dw has mobile printing capability that allows easier printing experience. The device is compatible with Google Cloud Print, Apple Airprint, and Mopria. And, you can also enjoy Lexmark Mobile Printing to help you with the tasks.

One of the best features of Lexmark printer is full-spectrum security. It keeps your information secure from the device to the network to the document. With this feature, Lexmark can be an ideal printer to work with confidential documents.

Lexmark C2535dw Pros and Cons

  • Color Laser
  • Fast Print Speed
  • High Monthly Volume
  • Excellent Security
  • Relatively Weighty

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The C2535dw is a wireless color laser printer loaded with features, allowing you to enjoy a convenient printing experience. Apart from the good things, this product has few shortages that will make up your mind. Take a closer look at the pros and cons so you can make a better decision.

Lexmark C2535dw Pros

  • Color Laser

This is one of the best color laser printers you could ask for. Featuring laser technology and high print resolution, it produces text document and photos with excellent output quality. It is dependable to handle formal documents such as contracts, invoices, and even marketing materials.

  • Fast Print Speed

The C2535dw is not the fastest laser printer I’ve ever seen but it is speedy. It has everything you need to keep up with work productivity and time efficiency. Simply put, this printer won’t make you wait. If your workgroup has a fast work pace, this printer will be a perfect partner.

  • High Monthly Volume

Specifically designed for workgroups and office environment with low to medium print capacity, it supports high monthly volume up to 8,500 pages. With such volume, you will have more printing time than service. Of course, that means improved productivity and simplified maintenance budget.

  • Excellent Security

Lexmark has full-spectrum security to ensure your information is safe at all points, including on the device, in the document, and over the network. If you have to handle confidential document, this printer has got you covered.

Lexmark C2535dw Cons

  • Relatively Weighty

Most business-oriented printers are relatively weighty and this model is no exception. Moving this printer may require extra effort. As an alternative, find a place that is easy to access so you don’t necessarily need to move the device here and there.

Final Thoughts

The Lexmark C2535dw is a color laser printer that is specifically designed for small to medium workgroups. It comes packed with excellent features to ensure powerful performance in printing your formal documents, including security feature that keeps your information safe.

This product may be weighty but it is a great device to represent your business. With a combination of speedy printing, high resolution, and laser technology, high quality output is all you get from this device. Using the C2535dw laser printer, you can focus on the business.

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