Lexmark B2546dw Review, Pros and Cons

Lexmark B2546dw Review

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The Lexmark B2546dw is among copious workgroup printers rolled out to the market. This is a print only monochrome laser printer that promises enhanced productivity, thanks to ultimate print speed and incredible print performance to handle office tasks.

When performance meets style, it results in an impressive printer that allows you to work with few interventions. Featuring full-spectrum security, mobile printing capability, and versatile media handling, it might be an ideal choice for small to medium workgroups.

Premium Build with Concise Design

The B2546dw is constructed with Lexmark’s typical design. It has a premium build with steel frame that ensures its sturdiness. Such robust construction allows the printer to meet your fast work pace without rattling during operation.

Premium Build with Concise Design

Measuring 10 inches H by 15.7 inches W by 14.7 inches D, finding a place for this concise printer will be easy. It doesn’t eat a lot of space on your desktop thanks to its compact design. Like other Lexmark business printers with upgradable input tray, its height can increase as you add more tray beneath.

The 31-pound printer is more lightweight than its counterpart, the Lexmark B2650dw that weighs about 34 pounds. If you need to transport the device from one room to another, it doesn’t require too much effort.

An angled front panel allows easy setup and operation. It features a 2.4-inch color LCD display that shows printer status and other information. The panel also houses numerical keypads and functional buttons, just like typical Lexmark printers in the same price range.

I don’t have much to say about the design. It has a typical design of Lexmark printers with a premium build quality and compact construction.

Print Only Monochrome Laser Printer

Get the most out of a monochrome printer to make your business run. The B2546dw is a single-function printer, which means it supports print functionality only. Despite the lack of copy and scan functionalities, it can be an ideal partner in your office.

Print Only Monochrome Laser Printer

The mono printer employs laser technology that ensures crisp print output. It supports a wide range of print resolutions, from 300 x 300 dpi up to 2400 x 600 dpi. Not surprisingly, this product is able to deliver incredible results to represent your business.

Integrated duplexer allows two-sided printing without intervention. That means you have more time to do other tasks rather than flipping the document manually. The B2546dw prints 0.1 inches of the bottom, top, left, and right.

Incredibly Fast Print Speed

It goes without saying that laser printers have lightning-fast print speed with around 30 ppm to 35 ppm on average. The Lexmark B2546dw goes beyond average with an incredible speed. This model is rated at 46 pages per minute for simplex and 23 pages per minute for duplex.

When you print on A4 paper, the speed reduces slightly to 44 pages per minute for simplex and 22 pages per minute for duplex. Easily print piles of documents within minutes and have more time to relax or do other tasks.

How do I feel about the print speed? Using this printer in a busy office environment can help enhance work productivity. Not to mention it is dependable to improve time efficiency. With a quick first print out time as fast as 6 seconds, this is obviously a reliable printer for a fast work pace.

Upgradable Input Capacity for High Print Volume

Running out of paper while printing is not fun. Using the B2546dw, you can enjoy hassle-free printing with generous input capacity. It has a 250-sheet input tray and a 100-sheet multipurpose feeder, so it provides you with a 350-sheet input capacity in total. This is more than acceptable for small workgroups.

Upgradable Input Capacity for High Print Volume

But your print volume may increase as the business is expanding. You can take benefits from upgradable input capacity that is able to hold up to 2,000 pages. Among optional paper handling includes 550-sheet lockable tray, 550-sheet tray, and 250-sheet input tray.

And, the Lexmark B2546dw offers high recommended monthly volume ranging from 2,000 to 15,000 pages with up to 120,000 pages of monthly duty cycle. That means you have more time before the next service period.

In addition to paper handling, this printer allows you to print on a few variety of media types, such as plain paper, card stock, envelopes, and paper labels. It also supports various media sizes, including #9 envelope, A6, A5, A4, Oficio, Letter, Legal, and more.

Dependable Laser Quality

Output quality matters when you are seeking a printer for the office environment. Peculiar spacing or misshaped characters can ruin your contracts or agreements which may affect your client’s impression on your business.

Lexmark B2546dw Dependable Laser Quality

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Much like its laser printer counterparts, the B2546dw is able to deliver incredible print result. It produces crisp black text with high legibility, which is more than acceptable for business documents. I also like the way it printed text without weird spacing or misshaped characters.

Not only does it work well for text but also lines and graphics. Whether you want to print charts or tables, this printer can easily tackle it. If you ask me, this is a dependable laser printer that gives you some peace of mind to handle important documents.

Am I satisfied with the result? I set a high standard for laser printers and I’m glad it can exceed my expectation. With highly legible and crisp black text, it makes your business files look professional.

Lexmark B2546dw Toner Cartridges and Imaging Unit

When it comes to consumables, the Lexmark B2546dw monochrome laser printer uses a black toner cartridge to produce crisp output. Each printer package includes a return program toner cartridge that prints up to 3,000 pages.

Lexmark B2546dw Toner Cartridges

Once it runs out, Lexmark provides you with three replacement variants, from standard yield to extra high yield. If a 3,000-page cartridge is not enough, you may opt to buy a 6,000 page high yield or a 10,000-page extra high yield cartridge.

As with other laser printers, the B2546dw employs an imaging unit. Each imaging unit is able to produce up to 60,000 pages based on average print job. The higher your print volume, the faster it needs replacement.

Lexmark B2546dw Connectivity and Security

This model relies on USB 2.0 port and Gigabit Ethernet as a dependable wired connectivity option. It also features Wi-Fi that allows fast and simple connection to computer and compatible devices. With Lexmark Mobile Assistant, you can enjoy easy setup from handheld device.

Lexmark B2546dw Works Apple AirPrint

Mobile printing capability comes standard in this device. With Apple’s AirPrint, easily print from your smartphone without transferring the documents to your computer.

Enhanced security brings another advantage to your business. It comes packed with full-spectrum security, a feature that ensures your information is safe on the device and over the network. Print confidential documents without worry!

Lexmark B2546dw Pros and Cons

  • Incredible Print Speed
  • High Input Capacity
  • Impressive Print Result
  • Small Footprints
  • Pricey
  • Lack of NFC

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I have a long list of good things about the B2546dw but it also has minor shortage to take into account. Take a closer look at the pros and cons so you can easily decide if this product meets your preferences and needs.

Lexmark B2546dw Pros

  • Incredible Print Speed

Rated at 46 pages per minute, this is a lightning-fast printer to improve productivity. You can spend less time printing and do other tasks to enhance time efficiency.  It can be an ideal choice for office environments with a fast work pace.

  • High Input Capacity

This is a printer that meets your need for a high print volume. A 350-sheet input capacity that comes standard is more than acceptable for small to medium workgroups. But it also offers optional paper tray that allows you to adjust the capacity based on your needs.

  • Impressive Print Result

High performance is nothing without high quality output. The Lexmark B2546dw combines excellent performance and incredible print result to make sure each and every document looks professional. This is a reliable printer to handle your office documents.

  • Small Footprints

If your office has a small space issue, this printer with its small footprints can be a good option. A concise design and relatively small dimensions doesn’t consume a lot of space in your office. Simply put, it won’t make your workspace look cramped.

Lexmark B2546dw Cons

  • Pricey

Compared to its competitor in the same class, the B2546dw is rather pricey. With an expensive initial cost, it may influence your company’s budget. But if quality becomes your priority, you will find that the price is quite reasonable.

  • Lack of NFC

While other printers in the same price range are equipped with NFC or Bluetooth, this model relies on USB, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi. It makes the device less attractive, especially for users who need a fast connection setup.


A high standard is set for business-oriented printers. I can confirm that the B2546dw is able to meet the standard as it is loaded with fantastic features for convenient business printing. Not only does it offer high quality output, but it also enhance work productivity and time efficiency.

Who is it for? The Lexmark B2546dw can be a great choice for small to medium workgroups seeking a dependable printer. It is also ideal for business owners who need to secure their image through professional documents. Overall, it is an impressive office printer you could ask for.

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