Kenmore 70932 0.9 cu. ft. Compact Countertop Microwave Review

Kenmore 70932 0.9 cu. ft. Compact Countertop Microwave Review

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Do you plan to purchase a new microwave? With the world’s class and local brands flooding the market, choosing the right one can be a headache. Among those tough competitors, there is Kenmore that has been renowned for high-quality products. One of the most favorite microwave products is Kenmore 70932 that will upgrade your food prep experience.

The countertop microwave comes with a small dimension that suits best for a couple or small family. It delivers a lot of features and functionalities such as fast defrost and auto cook. If you have little children around, this Kenmore microwave gives you some peace of mind with a safety lock. Not to mention it has a stylish design to upgrade your cooking space.

Small yet Compact Build

The first impression comes from the appearance. When I saw this appliance for the first time, I was impressed by its small but stylish design. Stainless steel finish looks good for different kitchen styles and it blends perfectly with other components.

I also found that Kenmore provides four color choices. Black and Stainless Steel are neutral color choices that are suitable for most kitchen concepts. You can also opt for the Red variant that delivers vibrant red to make a statement in your cooking space. There is also a White variant that looks great for modern and minimalist kitchens.

Kenmore 70932 Design

Measuring 14.5 inches by 18.3 inches by 11 inches and weighing around 32 pounds, it can snuggle nicely on your countertop. Thanks to the compact build that won’t take up much space in your kitchen, making it suitable for a small kitchen, office pantry, studio apartments, and even RVs.

This microwave comes with quite an ample capacity of 0.9 cubic feet. Compared to BLACK+DECKER EM720CB7 that offers 0.7 cubic feet, Kenmore can accommodate more loads. But when compared to Toshiba’s EM131A5C-BS, Kenmore’s microwave is slightly smaller.

I should say this Kenmore microwave looks more expensive than its actual price. From the exterior, it is equipped with an LED digital display that features timer and clock. The large touchpad panel on its left side allows you to set up the unit effortlessly. The touchpad comes with a variety of options such as One Touch Cook, numerical touchpad, and surely Start/Stop buttons.

What makes it better? It’s surely the ADA compliant that allows people with disabilities to access the microwave easily. It’s good to know that even your old parents can easily operate the appliance without your help!

Kenmore 70932 Compact Countertop Microwave Features

Kenmore 70923 is a fully-featured countertop microwave to improve your cooking experience. Despite its affordable price, it comes with reliable features such as different power settings and express heating for instant cooking. I’m sure you’ll be interested to check out the following convenience provided by Kenmore microwave.

1. Ten power settings

Ten power settings

Different heating needs different power settings. To deliver optimum heating for different types of food, the appliance features 10 power settings. Running at 900 watts, you won’t find overcooked or undercooked foods anymore. This unit is easy to use, moreover it also features a 30 seconds button option for quick heating or add on-going process.

2. One-Touch Auto-Cook

Heating pizza or cooking potato won’t make you overwhelmed any longer. Thanks to One Touch Cook feature that allows you to cook various common foods effortlessly. Only by pressing the right button, let the microwave do the job for you. The machine can easily handle your favorite foods such as potatoes, pizzas, popcorn, beverages, frozen vegetables, even dinner plates.

3. Express cooking

Don’t have much time in the morning? Let the express cooking feature make your morning more enjoyable. Only with one-touch express heating, you can start quick-cooking from 1 to 6 minutes. Whether you need to reheat favorite leftovers or cooking instant foods, this feature helps your morning tasks much easier.

4. Quick defrost

Defrosting frozen foods or meats is a real struggle. You have to defrost the right way in order to keep them in a fresh condition so the taste doesn’t change. Thankfully, this Kenmore microwave brings 2 defrost options. You can defrost quickly either with time or weight settings. Simply press the right button on the control panel and enjoy a fast defrost.

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5. Diamond cavity

The secret to optimum and perfect heating is the microwave cavity. Kenmore features a diamond-shaped cavity that helps concentrate energy in the center. It leaves you with perfectly and evenly heated foods such as popcorn, pizzas, potatoes, and others. Combined with a removable turntable, this unit promises perfect heating for a perfect taste.

6. Safety lock

Having little children around the house insists you pay extra attention to kitchen appliances. To give you some peace of mind, this microwave features a safety lock that keeps your kids out of danger. However, it doesn’t mean you can leave the children wandering around the kitchen without adult’s supervision.

Kenmore 70932 Pros and Cons

  • Compact design for small kitchen
  • Effective heating with plentiful options
  • Child safety lock
  • ADA compliant
  • Door issues
  • Stainless steel exterior doesn’t cover the whole body

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Kenmore’s countertop microwave can be your new best friend. I could mention a lot of things to love from this unit such as affordable price and classy appearance. However, I also found several drawbacks that you should know. Be a smart buyer and make the best decision.

Kenmore 70932 Pros

  • Compact design for small kitchen

Whether you have a small kitchen or live in an RV, this Kenmore microwave is a perfect choice to complement your cooking space. The small but not tiny unit is suitable for medium-sized dinner as well as popcorn and pizzas. If you need the heating function but doesn’t make the kitchen look cramped, this microwave can be a good bet.

  • Effective heating with plentiful options

Another thing I like about this microwave is the effectiveness and even heating. While some microwaves end up with hot and cold parts, Kenmore manages to deliver perfect and even heating. Thanks to the diamond cavity and removable turntable. Now you can enjoy evenly-heated food leftover.

  • Child safety lock

The kitchen can be the most dangerous place for your kids. To make sure that your kid won’t play with the microwave, Kenmore features a child safety lock. When the unit is locked, it won’t be harmful to your little children.

  • ADA compliant

ADA compliant

Last but not least, this microwave is ADA compliant. If you live with people with disabilities, this microwave helps them operate the machine without your help. It’s necessary to boost their confidence as they can do something by themselves.

Kenmore 70932 Cons

  • Door issues

I noticed that Kenmore’s microwave has door issues. Oftentimes, the door cannot close properly and it can be troublesome as I can’t start the process before the door closes tightly. The other times, the button just stuck so it requires more struggle only to open the door. I’m not sure if the product is defective or it happens in most Kenmore microwaves.

  • Stainless steel exterior doesn’t cover the whole body

Despite its stylish exterior, this microwave unit becomes less attractive as I found that the stainless steel exterior doesn’t cover the whole body. It’s only on the face of the machine and does not cover the sides and the top. It is pretty disappointing, though the front appearance is the most important. If you have a high expectation for the exterior, you need to lower it down before purchasing this product.


Well, I should say that the Kenmore 70923 is a good microwave to complement your kitchen. It delivers a small and compact design to save a lot of space on your countertop. Stylish exterior with a useful diamond-shaped cavity is a nice combination to improve your cooking space and perfectly heat your foods at the same time. Additionally, it comes with many other convenient features for a better cooking experience.

If you are looking for a dependable microwave at an affordable price, Kenmore has what you need. Some users may have found some lacks and issues but it remains a useful appliance to help your daily food prep. Especially if you live in a studio apartment with a small family, this unit can be a great choice. Not to mention it’s engineered by the renowned Kenmore.

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