HP OfficeJet Pro 8028 All-in-One Printer Review

HP OfficeJet Pro 8028 Review

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Many people believe that growing a business starts with a printer. The device is where your business documents come from, so you need to make sure it works well to impress your clients. Tons of choices are available out there, but only a few of them are reliable. HP OfficeJet Pro 8028 is among dependable printer devices to deliver high-quality printing for your professional documents.

Previously, HP has released the HP OfficeJet Pro 8025 that delivers attractive design and excellent print quality. I believe the 8028 will be more impressive than its sibling though it may also come with a few drawbacks. If you are interested to know more about this useful printer, don’t miss the following review.

Tri-Color Body Looks Adorable

How many printers offer attractive designs? While most manufacturers focus on performance instead of appearance, HP takes another way and delivers printers with adorable builds. The overall look of the 8028 looks similar to its sibling and other devices under OfficeJet Pro 8020 printer series. But I love the color choices more than other machines.

HP OfficeJet Pro 8028 Design

This Pro 8028 comes with a teal accent for the auto document feeder and the output tray. The combination of three colors—white, gray, and teal—looks inviting. Measuring 18.11 inches wide by 13.43 inches deep by 9.21 inches high and weighing 18.04 pounds, this robust printer can easily snuggle into your desktop corner. Having this printer, you don’t need additional decoration on the desktop.

The Pro 8028 is constructed with an auto document feeder on the top, allowing you to print, scan, or copy 2-sided documents with ease. Much like its sibling, it has lower input as well as output tray that extends forward. This printer is equipped with a 2.7-inch touchscreen display that enables you to customize the settings.

HP OfficeJet Pro 8028 Functionality

Under the line of OfficeJet Pro, the 8028 is designed to help tackle business printing needs. It can serve low to medium duty, thanks to an adequate monthly volume and generous paper capacity. As one of AIO printers, the 8028 can give you more through the following specs.

1. Printing Specs and more

The printer uses HP thermal inkjet print technology that promises high output quality. Its printing capability is supported by 4800 x 1200 print resolutions with the maximum print area at around 8 x 11 inches. The printer allows you to print borderless photos with optimized dpi. The manufacturer encourages users to use HP Advanced Photo Paper for the best printing quality.

To support your high volume printing, the OfficeJet Pro 8028 is rated up to 20,000 pages for the monthly duty cycle. Meanwhile, the recommended monthly volume is rated at 800 pages.

Being an AIO printer, the 8028 also comes with copying functionality. The machine supports color copy with maximum resolutions up to 600 dpi. I personally enjoy this copier as it provides a variety of settings such as lighter/dark and duplex. Meanwhile, the scanner helps save your physical documents to the computer. It features OCR and Smart Tasks shortcuts that allow you to scan to the cloud.

2. Paper handling

Paper handling

The OfficeJet Pro 8028 is armed with a 225-sheet input tray capacity. The tray that extends below the output tray enables you to load paper effortlessly and neatly. In addition, it provides a 60-sheet output tray capacity to keep your output documents organized.

The Pro 8028 promises duplex printing, scanning, and copying. Thanks to a 35-sheet automatic document feeder capacity that helps increase work efficiency. You don’t need to flip the pages manually as the ADF will do it for you. Unfortunately, the duplexer does not support borderless photos.

It’s good to know that the printer can handle a multitude of media types and sizes. It supports media sizes that range from 3.5 x 5 inches (index card) up to A4. A wide array of media types can be easily handled such as plain paper, HP Matte Brochure, HP Photo Papers, Professional paper, and many more.

3. Print speed

The OfficeJet Pro boasts a fast print speed up to 29 ppm for black page and 25 ppm for color. This speed is on par with its sibling, the Pro 8025. For ISO documents, it manages to produce up to 20 pages per minute for mono and up to 10 pages per minute for color.

High-Quality Output, Good for Business Documents

Printers are basically a machine to bring your digital documents into their physical forms. The printer should ensure the output quality is as great as its digital form. HP’s Pro 8028 is engineered to deliver high-quality printing, thanks to thermal inkjet technology it boasts.

HP OfficeJet Pro 8028 Print Quality

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I found the printer worked well to print texts, graphics, and photos. I did not see miss-shaped characters or weird spacing, instead, it managed to deliver highly legible texts. Even for small fonts, the printer could easily handle it. Streaking and handing were hard to notice, though it did not give the smoothest gradation I’ve ever seen.

When it comes to photo printing, I personally consider this printer needs to work harder for photos. I appreciate it supports borderless printing, which I believe many users would be happy with. The machine could print colors accurately and brightly, though it could not be compared to 5-ink or 6-ink printers.

4-Ink Cartridges for More Yields

The HP OfficeJet Pro 8028 uses HP 920 consumables both for black and colors. Much like HP’s Smart Tank, this printer lets you refill the consumables without effort. Thanks to spill-free ink bottles that allow you to refill the inks easily. Good news, the manufacturer offers 4 months of ink delivery for your convenience.

HP 910 Ink Cartridges

Additionally, HP also provides cartridge replacements. You can use HP 910 Black that yields up to 300 pages and HP 910 colors that yield up to 315 pages (CMY composite). To cut the budget, you may opt for XL cartridges that yield up to 825 pages (black) and up to 825 (CMY composite).

Standard Connectivity Options

Connectivity Options

Every printer needs to be connected to other devices, be it a computer or a smartphone. The wireless printer sports standard connectivity that includes a USB port, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi Direct. This connectivity option is on par with its counterparts. Meanwhile, it supports a few mobile printing services such as Apple AirPrint, Mopria, and optimized HP Smart that enables remote printing and scanning.

As one of the modern printers, the Pro 8028 supports voice-activated printing. The sensor is embedded in the 2.7-inch display so you know where to speak to activate printing operation. You can choose between Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa as your favorite voice service.

HP OfficeJet Pro 8028 Pros and Cons

  • Attractive design, robust construction
  • Dependable print quality
  • Auto duplexer support
  • Voice-activated printing
  • Relatively low monthly volume
  • Duplexer doesn’t support borderless printing

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The OfficeJet Pro 8028 is a great modern printer with AIO functionality. This machine comes to offer a number of features such as wireless connectivity and voice services. Behind all the good things, there are some drawbacks you need to take into account as follows:

HP OfficeJet Pro 8028 Pros

  • Attractive design, robust construction

To be honest, not many people really expect attractive design from a printer. But if you are concerned about interior design, the 8028 is going to make a new statement in your workstation. The machine is constructed with robust build yet attractive design so you can count on this device to handle the bulk of documents.

  • Dependable print quality

You will like how this printer delivers reliable print quality. The Pro 8028 features optimized HP thermal inkjet technology that has been popular for its advanced printing capability. This is a device to handle your business document so you can focus on growing the business.

  • Auto duplexer support

Auto duplex capability makes this printer more attractive. You can easily print, copy, or scan a duplex document without user intervention. The automatic document feeder is planted on this machine, allowing you to finish 2-sided pages effortlessly. The 35-sheet capacity is sufficient for professional duplexing. If you need a printer to support work efficiency, the 8028 is a good bet.

  • Voice-activated printing

Voice assistant differentiates modern and old-school printers, at least that’s what I thought. Thankfully, the OfficeJet Pro 8028 comes with voice-activated printing capability that allows you to activate the operation through voice. You can choose either Alexa or Google Assistant to help print the documents without touching the device. It’s pretty clear that the 8028 is going to take you to the future.

HP OfficeJet Pro 8028 Cons

  • Relatively low monthly volume

HP rates its monthly volume at 800 pages. For small businesses, this capacity is ideal for business document printing. But when it comes to medium offices, the monthly volume is considered low. If you have to handle a lot of documents with thousands of pages per month, this printer may not meet the requirements.

  • Duplexer doesn’t support borderless printing

I should say that an auto duplexer is a good thing, but the lack of borderless printing support makes it less attractive. It means when you have to print a 2-sided borderless project, you have to do it manually. What if you have plenty of it?

Final Verdict

Being an office printer with multitude features and capabilities, the HP OfficeJet Pro 8028 seems an ideal candidate to handle your professional documents. It comes with economical consumables, auto duplex functionality as well as dependable print quality. It’s more than enough to help grow your business.

Despite it having some flaws such as low monthly volume and lack of duplex borderless printing, I personally think it’s forgivable. If your office prints in a low to medium capacity, this printer can be a perfect companion for your taskforce.

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