HP Laserjet Pro M404dw Review, Buy it or not?

HP Laserjet Pro M404dw Review

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Everybody knows HP printers and millions of users worldwide have proven the quality of its products. Being a longstanding printer manufacturer, HP knows well how to improve user’s printing experience through innovative features and advanced technology. The HP Laserjet Pro M404dw is one of HP printers that deliver work-efficiency features to support your business.

The Laserjet Pro M404dw is specifically made to keep up with your work rhythm. It features fast print speeds and wireless connectivity to make sure your documents are well-handled. This laser printer gives you more time to focus on your business and keep it moving forward. Keep scrolling and let’s reveal what this monochrome printer is capable of!

HP Laserjet Pro M404dw Design and Layout

The Laserjet Pro M404dw is a heavy-duty printer wrapped in an elegant design. Not only does it offer a lot of conveniences, but it also becomes a focal point in your workspace. The device that measures 15 x 14.06 x 8.5 inches of dimensions and 18.87 pounds weight makes it a space-friendly device that fits well even on your narrow desktop.

HP Laserjet Pro M404dw Design and Layout

The Laserjet printer comes with a sleek and modern layout, thanks to its white color choice that makes it more valuable and look professional. The compact printer has a 2-line LCD screen that displays the printing progress and status for easy monitoring. The built-in LCD display that is sticking out of the body enables you to find it easily. You can also find the power button on the upper right corner of the front lid.

HP Laserjet Pro M404dw Specifications

The Laserjet Pro M404dw is a monochrome laser printer that is designed to handle your bulky documents. To meet your needs, this printer offers a variety of features and specs for an engaging printing experience. Make the most of your tasks with the following specifications and features.

1. Functionality

Medium to large scale businesses can benefit from this heavy-duty printer. The Laserjet Pro M404dw printer offers 750 to 4,000 pages of monthly volume with a monthly duty cycle that reaches 80,000 pages. This printing machine features laser printing technology that ensures crisp and sharp text for every document output.

The Laserjet Pro M404dw features HP FastRes 1200 Black Print Quality. This resolution can be enhanced up to 4800 x 600 dpi for impressive laser jet printing. Combined with high-quality Laserjet toner, it makes your business documents look more professional.

2. Media handling

To support your workflow and efficiency, the Laserjet Pro M404dw sports 100-sheet multipurpose tray and 250-sheet input tray. In other words, this amazing printer offers 350-sheet of total input capacity to upgrade your productivity. Even if you have to handle a bulk of documents, this generous media handling prevents you from reloading the paper frequently. It just gets better with a 150-sheet output tray capacity.

The workgroup printer supports a wide range of media types. It works well with envelopes, plain paper, punched paper, light-weight paper, recycled paper, and even bond paper. This specification enables you to print more business documents including flyers, brochures, custom envelopes, business cards, and so much more.

Automatic duplexing is the key feature to help grow your business. Auto duplex printing can handle your documents with better efficiency. With this printer, you don’t need to handle 2-sided printing manually.

3. Print speed

Print speeds take a major contribution to enhance work productivity. I personally admire the speed of this powerful device with the ability to print up to 40 pages per minute. The speed actually varies depending on the type of document you are handling. For instance, it manages to print up to 38 ppm for black ISO A4 size and up to 40 ppm for black ISO Letter A size.

For monochrome duplex printing, the speed drops to 31 ipm for A4 and up to 33 ipm for Letter A size. This printer also supports black landscape and portrait printing with amazing print speed. For black landscape, it is able to print up to 63 ppm while it drops to 14 ppm for black portrait.

4. Environment-friendly

This laser printer supports environment-friendly campaigns, thanks to the Blue Angel and Energy Star features it has. The Laserjet Pro M404dw is designed for energy efficiency without impeding your productivity. During operation, this device consumes 495 Watt while the energy consumptions drop significantly to 0.5 Watt during sleep.

5. Printer technology

The Laserjet Pro M404dw is undoubtedly a modern printer with advanced technology. It features Instant-on technology that allows you to turn on/off the device automatically. This feature prevents you from wasting energy as the printer will turn off automatically when not in use.

HP Laserjet Pro M404dw Print Quality

High-quality document output becomes the priority of this powerful printer. The Laserjet Pro M404dw is supported by laser technology, giving you clear, sharp, and crisp text and graphics. Consistently high-quality printing is designed to help you focus on expanding the business as your documents are handled by the right device.

HP Laserjet Pro M404dw Print Quality

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Furthermore, the Laserjet Pro M404dw features HP ProRes 1200 / HP FastRes 1200. This image enhancement technology is the key secret behind the superb, crisp print quality both for text and graphics. Combined with the recommended inks, this printer is able to deliver its best performance.

The Laserjet Pro M404dw simplifies your everyday printing tasks. Not only does it give you crisp and clear printing but it also comes with useful auto-duplexing. Thanks to the 2-sided printing feature that makes your printing job far easier.

HP Laserjet Pro M404dw Ink

The Laserjet Pro M404dw uses toner cartridges that give you all the convenience. This mono Laserjet printer works with Original HP 58A or 58X toner cartridges. These cartridges are specially designed to support the printer’s high performance and high printing volume. Though, I assume the cartridge replacement price is not cheap at all.

HP 58X Original Toner Ink

The HP 58A Black Original toner yields up to 3,000 pages and it is available at $105.99. Meanwhile, the HP 58X High Yield Black Original yields up to 10,000 pages and it costs you around $221.99. The toner cartridges are surely not cheap but compared to the yields and print quality, it is worth the money.

HP Laserjet Pro M404dw Connectivity

Printing with the Laserjet Pro M404dw is getting easier with Wi-Fi connectivity. This feature allows you to build a seamless connection with compatible smartphones or tablets for mobile printing. This feature simplifies your tasks, thanks to an easy Wi-Fi setup that enables you to build a connection and configure the device within seconds.

HP Laserjet Pro M404dw Connectivity

Going further to mobile printing capability, the Laserjet Pro M404dw also supports other mobile applications to make the most of your printer. It supports Google Cloud Print 2.0, Mopria Print service, AirPrint, and HP ePrint. The printer also sports the HP Smart app that helps detect the printer and gives you guidance through usage and statistical data.


As a business printer, the Laserjet Pro M404dw should be able to ensure the security of its users. Thankfully, the device is equipped with a set of security features—the best among other printer security features.

The printer features instant threat notifications as well as an optional PIN or pull printing. These functionalities are able to protect the device from being an attack entry point.

HP Laserjet Pro M404dw Pros and Cons

  • Superb print quality
  • Fast print speed
  • Professional-looking design
  • Instant-on technology
  • High yields of the toner cartridge
  • Expensive toner cartridges

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Amazingly built as a workgroup printer does not make the Laserjet Pro M404dw flawless. Despite a wide range of versatile features and capabilities, still, some lacks are there to make you think twice before purchasing the product. Scroll down and let me help you decide to buy or not buy.

HP Laserjet Pro M404dw Pros

  • Superb print quality

Make your business documents look more professional with the Laserjet Pro M404dw. This mono laser printer is designed to deliver a crisp, clear, and sharp print quality for graphics and texts. It also features HP ProRes 1200 to enhance the quality of image. Combined with high-quality toner, this printer is your business solution. Printing any type of document is a piece of cake!

  • Fast print speed

Lightning-speed printing is another reason why this printer is worth the thought. It manages to print up to 40 ppm, depending on the type of document you are handling. It means the device can print 1 .5 page per second. Compared to other printers in its class, the Laserjet Pro M404dw is obviously the prominent choice to upgrade your productivity and work efficiency.

  • Professional-looking design

The Laserjet Pro M404dw is built in a compact design with a sturdy and professional appearance. The mono laser printer comes in a clean and sleek look, thanks to the white color scheme that dominates the body with a slight accent of black. Overall, this printer can be a visual attraction to your workspace or desktop.

  • Instant-on technology

This fantastic printer features Instant-on technology that allows you to turn on/off the device automatically. Now you don’t need to worry when you forget to turn off the printer as it will turn off automatically during a specific period. It also comes with a sleep mode that helps save energy.

  • High yields of the toner cartridge

The Laserjet Pro M404dw uses toner HP 58A or 58X with a very high capacity of printing. These toner cartridges yield up to 3,000 and 10,000, keeping you from replacing the toner quite often. In addition to high yields, these toner cartridges are the key secret of its crisp and sharp print quality.

HP Laserjet Pro M404dw Cons

  • Expensive toner cartridges

Despite the toner cartridges being able to deliver high capacity printing, the replacement is considered expensive. The 58A Black toner costs around $105.99 while the 58X High Yield costs you around $221.99. This is more than half the price of the printer device itself.

Bottom Line

The Laserjet Pro M404dw is designed to meet the needs of medium to large businesses. If you are looking for a mono laser printer with superb print quality and fast performance, the Laserjet Pro M404dw is the one. It also offers advanced technology and energy-saving features to support environment-friendly campaigns.

But if you need to cut the operational budget, the Laserjet Pro M404dw might be too costly. It uses special toner cartridges that are pretty expensive though the quality is undoubted. Having that said, it never goes wrong to invest on this printer to make your business look more professional. So, will you purchase this item?

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