HP LaserJet MFP M234sdwe Review, Pros, and Cons

HP Laserjet MFP M234sdwe Review

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Work faster and smarter with the HP LaserJet MFP M234sdwe. The entry-level multifunction printer promises higher productivity for home and small offices. A set of good features such as HP smart app, reliable connectivity, and trusted security makes printing brilliantly simple.

An automatic document feeder allows duplex printing without the user’s intervention. Delivering a compact design with small footprints, this is a space-efficient device to complement small or home offices. It also supports HP+ that simplifies your budget on consumables.

Premium Build with Minor Facelift

HP LaserJet MFP M234sdwe Design

If there is a list of HP printers with amazing design, the M234sdwe should be on it. Still with white-grey color composition, it measures 11.59 inches by 16.46 inches by 12.13 inches (HWD) and weighs about 20.95 pounds. This is a compact printer that makes a great space saver in your small offices.

You can find an automatic document feeder on the top of the device. With its small size, the feeder won’t make the device look hefty and bulky. Under the automatic document feeder, you will find a flatbed scanner for easy scanning and making copies.

On this multifunction printer, there is an input paper cassette that extends from the chassis. Much to my surprise, HP decided to house the control panel on this paper cassette. This panel consists of smart-guided buttons and a 1.6 monochrome LCD display.

With the control panel moved to the lower area, it enables you to operate the device from sitting position. How do I feel about this design and minor facelift? I personally love this new design as it promotes easier operation right from your chair.

One Printer for All Tasks

Like any other multifunction printers, the M234sdwe supports print, copy, and scan functionality. This means you can handle a variety of business documents in one device. The specs for each function is about average when compared with laserjet printers in its class.

As a printer, it works with laser technology that promises highly legible text and deep black color. Combined with standard print resolution up to 600 x 600 dpi, it delivers great-looking output not only for text but also images.

Printing two-sided documents is brilliantly simple with an automatic document feeder. Simplify your task and work without user’s intervention to increase work productivity.

The maximum monthly duty cycle of this printer is 20,000 pages which come standard for small businesses and home offices. It also supports moderate monthly volume from 200 to 2,000 per month without causing too much wear.

One Printer for All Tasks

Meanwhile, the device’s scanner is made with low-key optical resolution up to 600 x 600 dpi. Lift the top lid and put your document on the flatbed scanner. You can either scan to local drive, scan to email, or scan to PDF as preferred.

Making copies with the HP LaserJet MFP M234sdwe is completely easy. It supports up to 600 x 600 dpi resolution to deliver high quality copies. With the ability to deliver up to 30 pages per minute, it has a number of features like document enlargement, reduction, and duplex copies.

Above Average Print Speed

Ultra-fast printing speed is one of the best things brought to your table. This model is rated at 30 pages per minute for simplex and it goes to 17 pages per minute for duplex. Compared to laserjet printers in the same class and price range, the M234sdwe is above average.

But when compared to its sibling the HP LaserJet M209dwe, this print speed falls on par. Both of them deliver up to 30 ppm and 17 ppm for black-and-white simplex and duplex printing, more than sufficient to handle a variety of everyday printing tasks in your office.

Designed as a low-cost laser printer for small offices, this printing speed can cut your time with the device. Even though the speed heavily depends on printing conditions, these numbers are good enough for this model.

Paper and Media Handling

The printer’s input cassette receives enhancement in appearance but not in capacity. The 150-sheet input cassette comes standard, compiled with a 100-sheet output tray just below the flatbed scanner. If you wish to print using envelopes, the same tray can handle up to 10 envelopes.

This capacity is ideal for small or home offices with low printing volume. And you shouldn’t forget the automatic document feeder housed at the top of the device. This feeder is able to hold up to 40 sheets of paper, which means you get 190-sheet input capacity in the sum total.

Just as with its sibling the M209dwe, this model supports a few media sizes including A4, A5, A6, and B5 that are commonly used for business documents. Additionally, it enables you to custom media sizes, from 4 x 6 inches up to 8.5 x 14 inches.

Not only is this printer limited in media sizes, it also offers limited option for media types. Besides plain paper, you can print on rough paper, laser paper, envelopes, postcard, labels, and cardstock. Just make sure media weight falls somewhere between 60 to 163 gsm.

HP LaserJet MFP M234sdwe Output

Most laser printers promise high quality print results and the HP LaserJet MFP M234sdwe holds this tradition. With a boast of laser technology, it manages to print documents with highly legible characters and bold black color.

HP LaserJet MFP M234sdwe Output

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In addition to the text document, I also found a great looking output for graphics and charts. I didn’t notice any major mistake made by this printer, which means it is dependable to tackle various business documents from spreadsheets to reports.

And if you want to print colorful images, it can translate to a smooth grayscale. It may come with minor banding but it doesn’t spoil the overall result. When it comes to printing hairlines, it goes smoothly without noticeable strokes from end to end.

With such print result, you can rely on this device to handle professional business documents. I have nothing to complain about its print quality because it is more than acceptable for this price range.

Toner Cartridge and HP+ Support

HP 134X Toner Cartridge

The M234sdwe consists solely of a black toner cartridge that prints up to 700 pages. When you run out of toner, find a replacement cartridge either original black HP 132A or HP 134X. This device only works with original cartridges so it is necessary to avoid using other products.

This model is an HP+ printer. In order to receive benefits from HP+, you will need internet connection and HP account to make it work properly. The benefit includes a free toner for six months after purchase. Whenever you run out, the toner will be delivered to your door.

I believe this benefit will simplify your budget on consumables. It is even better because you can extend the subscription for another 2 months and get a discount up to 50 percent. If you wish to get rid of expensive toner issue, using HP+ with Instant Ink could be a brilliant idea.

Connectivity and Mobile Printing

Establishing a robust connection with compatible devices is completely easy, thanks to standard wired and wireless connectivity. This device supports hi-speed USB and fast Ethernet that enables you to connect to a network. It also has dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for a wireless connection.

HP Smart App

When it comes to mobile printing, HP Smart app is mainly used to bring productivity on the go. This app allows you to scan and print instantly from everywhere. Simply connect the device to the internet and improved productivity is at your fingertips.

Besides, the M234sdwe is also compatible with other mobile printing software including Mopria and Apple AirPrint. No matter your preferences, this is a great way to make printing completely simple, fast, and easy.

On this device, you can also find a strong security with encrypted data, secure boot, and passwords. Gain some peace of mind when printing confidential documents with this printer.

HP LaserJet MFP M234sdwe Pros and Cons

  • HP Smart App for Convenient Printing
  • Ultra-fast Printing Speed
  • High Quality Output
  • HP+ Requires Internet Connection
  • Frustrating Setup

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A plethora of features and reliable performance give an added value to the M234sdwe. But it also has a few drawbacks that make it less attractive. To see if this printer is ideal for your office environment, take a closer look at the following pros and cons.

HP LaserJet MFP M234sdwe Pros

  • HP Smart App for Convenient Printing

It is actually not a specific highlight from this printer but it is worth the thought. HP Smart app makes printing completely simple and fast. The ability to scan and print from everywhere promotes increased productivity and lets you enjoy work freedom.

  • Ultra-fast Printing Speed

Up to 30ppm is an excellent speed rating for everyday printing tasks. Even though you work with two-sided documents, enjoy fast and hassle-free printing for any kind of document.

  • High Quality Output

As with most monochrome laser printers, it is reliable to deliver crisp black text and smooth grayscale. On top of that, it works well not only for text but also images and graphics.

HP LaserJet MFP M234sdwe Cons

  • HP+ Requires Internet Connection

HP+ models require internet connection to work appropriately. Without internet connection, it is not possible to get the benefit of 6 months of free consumable. If you live in an area with limited internet connection, using this printer brings inconvenience.

  • Frustrating Setup

Setting up this device can be frustrating even if you are experienced with HP printers. You might need to try several times before getting this device ready for printing. Be sure to follow step-by-step instructions in the user’s manual.


The HP LaserJet MFP M234sdwe is an entry-level printer designed for small business and home offices. It has a set of features that ensures your printing experience, from reliable performance to dependable output quality.

Even though it is rather daunting to set up and requires internet connection to work properly, it is a great device to complement your office environment. With the ability to handle a variety of business documents, it can be an ideal choice for your small team.

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