Hisense H4F Smart TV Review [32-Inch & 40-Inch]

Hisense H4F Smart TV Review

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Hisense recently released a new smart TV product, the Hisense H4F. This flat-screen TV boasts a lot of features to improve your experience while watching movies or play games. High-quality picture and advanced technology are wrapped in a flat device with two available sizes, 32 Inch and 40 Inch. Overall, I can enjoy every moment in front of this TV.

I realize that the market offers a wide selection of TV products and plenty of different features for an engaging experience. But the H4F smart TV is a thing, thanks to the combination of excellent performance and affordable price.

Hisense H4F Layout and Design

The H4F delivers a sleek and stylish look with basic black body. This TV is pretty slim and lightweight, so you can easily move the device here and there. Even though it has something sticking out at the back, it does not give any disturbance when you want to hang it on the wall.

This smart LED TV fits on a small console table as well as on the bedroom wall. The device is designed with narrow front rims, creating a semi edge-to-edge accent that enables you to enjoy the screen at its most. As with other modern flat-screen TVs, the H4F does not have many things at the front so you can focus on the display.

Hisense H4F Layout

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The Hisense’s H4F comes with two available sizes—32 inch and 40 inch. If you have a narrow living room, the smaller TV can be a perfect choice especially if you want it to stand on the table. Meanwhile, the 40-inch LED TV can give more excitement in your media room.

The H4F boasts sturdy plastic construction that explains its lightweight. Two boomerang-shaped stands support the TV on both sides, creating a simpler and sturdier overall look. With such modern design and sturdy build, this smart TV can be a perfect addition to any room. It works well for living rooms, bedrooms, or media rooms either you like it to stand or hang.

Hisense H4F Specs and Features

The Hisense’s H4F is equipped with excellent specifications and ease-of-use features to provide you with ultimate entertainment. Innovative technology redefines its position among other TV products in the same class.

1. LED screen

High-quality picture is one thing that I can find from this TV. High Definition display comes with rich 720 pixels picture quality that enables you to enjoy every moment in front of the TV. Thanks to the Motion Rate 120 image processing, allowing you to get the best out of fast-paced movies, sports, and games with minimum lags.

The H4F is also equipped with LED screen that offers crystal clear images. I know that motion blur can be irritating, especially when you are watching favorite programs. Thankfully, the Hisense’s H4F can ditch this disturbance and give you a clear image.

2. Innovative technology

The H4F is designed to meet your needs for streaming, gaming, enjoying over-the-air TV, and satellite. It also supports Roku TV, the streaming platform to find any kind of entertainment that you need. I personally love the way Hisense simplified the home screen for Roku TV to give easier access to users, even for beginners.

If you are bored with monotone TV programs, the Hisense’s H4F offers one-touch access to your favorite channels. It comes with a conventional remote control that lets you access more than 5,000 streaming channels with no less than 500,000 movies.

The H4F also supports Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa for more engaging experience while watching TV. The voice service lets you turn on and turn off the TV, search for shows, or change channels by giving commands to the device. But I found that the device is sold separately, so you need to prepare extra money to enjoy this feature.

3. Connectivity and software

Hisense H4F Connectivity

As with other smart TV released to the past few years, the H4F is equipped with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. It enables you to connect the TV with other devices such as smartphones or tablets and enjoy any kind of entertainment that you want. Not to mention it also comes with three HDMI ports, a USB port, and a headphone jack to support your gaming.

Roku TV remote app

Get the best out of this smart LED TV with Roku TV remote app. This versatile application is available for iOS and Android devices, allowing you to control the TV through smartphones. Simply download the application on the Play Store or App Store and feel the difference. With this feature, losing remote control is no longer the end of the world!

Hisense H4F Pros and Cons

  • Lightweight and stylish
  • Affordable price
  • Voice activation support
  • Limited screen resolution
  • Unable to display deep black

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The H4F is a smart LED TV with a handful of smart features. There are plenty of good things offered by this device, and yet it still has some drawbacks to make you think twice before making a purchase. Let me help you make a decision by considering the following pros and cons.

Hisense H4F Pros

  • Lightweight and stylish

The Hisense’s H4F comes with a lightweight body, which is essential for a flat-screen TV. You can easily hang the device without giving too much force to the wall. And yet, it can also sit nicely on the console table with attractive stands. Besides, a stylish look becomes another plus point to this smart TV. It can be a perfect addition to any room, including living rooms and bedrooms.

  • Affordable price

This is an affordable TV product to give all the entertainment that you need. It costs lower than $200 but provides more features than you pay. If you are looking for a fantastic TV but you have a tight budget, the H4F can be a good bet.

  • Voice activation support

Voice activation represents innovative technology brought by the H4F. This smart LED TV supports Amazon’s Alexa as well as Google Assistant that enables your voice to turn on/off the device or choose channels.

Hisense H4F Cons

  • Limited screen resolution

I don’t say that the Hisense’s H4F has poor picture quality. But the fact that it delivers 720 pixels picture quality makes me a little disappointed. The display cannot get very bright and I sometimes experience bad contrast.

  • Unable to display deep black  

Another problem with this TV is the lack of ability to display deep blacks, especially in a dark room. If you are looking for a TV for dark media room, the H4F might not be a good choice.

Final Verdict

The Hisense H4F is an entry-level TV with ease-of-use features and affordable price. It boasts innovative technology that gives it a position among other competitors in its class. If you are looking for a low-budget TV with stylish design and voice activation support, the H4F is worth choosing. But if you need one that gives a high-quality picture Smart TV, I recommend you to consider other choices.

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