Canon PIXMA G7020 Review: Features, Pros & Cons

Canon PIXMA G7020 Review

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When it comes to printers on the market, there are more choices than you know. There’s a variety of options, ranging from a home printer to a heavy-duty printer for large scale business. When picking the right one can give you a headache, you can start by sorting out the products based on the manufacturer. And when you are talking about excellent inkjet office printer products, Canon PIXMA G7020 can be the one.

Canon has been around for a while and it has made its own way to people’s hearts. This manufacturer is reliable, thanks to durable and high-quality printer products used by millions of users throughout the world. And when it comes to office printers, Canon has a good offer to you, the Canon PIXMA G7020. Let’s get to know more about this multipurpose printer device!

Canon PIXMA G7020 Body and Design

The PIXMA G7020 is an office printer with multi-functions that allows you to print, copy, scan, and fax. This device is specifically built to meet your business needs, whether you work from home or in a conventional office. The G7020 comes in a big and bold design, measuring 15.9 inches by 14.6 inches and 9.3 inches and weighs 29 pounds.

Canon PIXMA G7020 Body and Design

Regarding the rather large dimensions and surprisingly heavy body, this printer device requires its own place in your workspace. It may require more effort if you need to transfer this device. But its big and bulky body is where the features and powerful performance are hidden.

The body cover is made of high-quality black PVC plastic with a glossy finish. At first sight, your attention will run to the front control panel with a small display that shows you the status and printing progress. You can find buttons and indicators that make this printer look more professional.

On the top, you can find an ADF with a left-side opening. This feeder is where you can copy, scan, or fax documents with auto-duplexing support. Moving to the back, you will find a small-capacity hopper to hold your office paper. The function is to add pages while you are printing. Surprisingly, this hopper comes with a small window that lets you see the remaining paper so you can reload before it runs out.

Canon PIXMA G7020 Specifications

What does this printer offer? The PIXMA G7020 is built as a multipurpose printer that offers a wide range of features and specifications to help you handle the documents and simplify your works. Here, I am going to reveal the specifications and a few features brought by the G7020. Keep scrolling and get yourself informed.

Canon PIXMA G7020 Specifications

1. All-in-one functionality

The all-in-one PIXMA G7020 comes with print, scan, copy, and fax functionalities. This printer device is supported by Canon FINE inkjet technology that ensures the output quality both for texts, graphics, or photos. Maximum printing resolution up to 4800 x 1200 dpi for mono and color printing makes it a reliable printer device to make your documents look professional.

When it comes to fax functionality, the G7020 features several options including duplex fax, answering machine interface, remote reception, and reception reject. To make sure your scanned documents are clear and legible, it supports 1200 x 2400 dpi of optical resolution. The copier also features a variety of copy options such as borderless copy, ID card copy, frame erase copy, fade restoration, and so much more.

2. Media handling

An office printer ideally comes with a high volume tray capacity to enhance productivity as well as work efficiency. It’s good to know that the G7020 supports a 100-sheet input tray with an additional 250-sheet paper cassette and a 50-sheet output tray.

To simplify your everyday printing, scanning, or copying, a 35-sheet auto document feeder is also added to the device. The ADF that can be found on the top of the printer enables auto-duplexing or 2-sided printing for enhanced productivity. The G7020 supports a wide range of media types such as glossy photo paper, hi-res paper, envelopes, plain paper, and many others.

3. Print speed

Print speed actually varies depending on the printing option. The PIXMA G7020 is able to print up to 13 ipm for Letter A monochrome printing. The speed falls to 6.8 ipm for color printing with the same paper size. Supposing that you want to print photos, this printer works well by giving you a 45-second print speed for a 4 x 6 inches photo.

The rate for duplex printing is the slowest but it is normal for every printer with auto-duplex functionality. The G7020 manages to print up to 2.9 ipm for mono duplex and 2.8 ipm for color duplex. Last but not least, the copier’s speed reaches 4.3 ipm for color copying.

4. Others

To make the most out of your printing experience, the PIXMA G7020 sports additional features such as Quiet Mode. This mode reduces the noise though I personally think the noise is not that disturbing in a normal mode. The G7020 also features red-eye correction and Auto Image Fix for enhanced photo quality. Not to mention Alexa and Google Assistant are also offered by this versatile printer.

Canon PIXMA G7020 Print Quality

The high-volume printer delivers sharp and vivid print quality for texts and images. Thanks to the 4800 x 1200 dpi print resolution that makes your business documents look more professional. When it comes to image printing, this device manages to give you full-color images with amazing details. Needless to say, it supports borderless photo printing.

Canon PIXMA G7020 Print Quality

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The inkjet-color printer uses Canon FINE technology for optimum print quality that is close to the laserjet printer. It is truly reliable to handle mono document outputs with legible text and bold graphics. The advanced technology also makes it a great choice for photo printing.

Canon PIXMA G7020 Ink

I can say that ink has become one of the most convincing reasons for users to purchase this item. This printer device uses Canon GI-20 standard 4-color inks consisting of black ink and Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow color inks. But it’s not the key point.

Canon GI-20

The Canon PIXMA G7020 is supported by a super tank that offers mega capacity for more page yields. Surprisingly, it features transparent ink bottles that let you see the ink levels without opening the lid. No more running out of ink as you are printing. It just gets better with refillable ink capability. Yup, you can easily refill the ink bottles without purchasing new ink cartridges. What a savvy and clever solution!

refill canon printer with ink bottles

The blank ink itself yields up to 6,000 pages while the color ink yields up to 7,700 pages depending on the documents, color density, and other factors. But it doesn’t stop there! This printer also features easy-to-fill ink bottles that let you do it by yourself.

Canon PIXMA G7020 Connectivity

To support your business, the G7020 features Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity other than the standard USB 2.0. You can easily set up the Wi-Fi and pair with your smartphones, allowing you to print documents or photos directly from the smartphones. Also, the device supports a range of mobile printing capabilities such as Apple AirPrint, Mopria, and Google Cloud Print.

When you purchase this item, you will get bundled software that includes Drivers & utilities, Canon Easy-PhotoPrint Editor, and Poster Artist Lite. You can enjoy editing photos with the software before printing.

Canon PIXMA G7020 Pros and Cons

  • Refillable inks
  • High volume tray capacity
  • Sharp and vivid print quality
  • Easy connectivity
  • Small LCD display
  • Rather bulky and heavy

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The PIXMA G7020 is a useful printer to let you focus on the business without worrying about documents. All-in-one functionalities and advanced technology make it a great device to opt for. But this printer still has some drawbacks that should be taken into account. Check the following pros and cons and make your decision afterward.

Canon PIXMA G7020 Pros

  • Refillable inks

The ink cartridge problem is not uncommon among printer users. Many times, you run out of ink as you’re printing and when it happens, you have to buy the costly cartridges. Canon’s refillable inks is a breakthrough to resolve the problem. Not only does it give you visible ink bottles but it is also easy to refill. No more messy refill process and no more pricey cartridges.

  • High volume tray capacity

To meet your needs of business printing, the PIXMA G7020 sports high volume tray capacity. It features a 100-sheet input tray and a 250-sheet paper cassette. You don’t need to reload the paper quite often, allowing you to focus on other tasks as you are printing.

  • Sharp and vivid print quality

The G7020 is supported by 4800 x 1200 dpi printing resolution both for mono and color. It ensures high-quality printing, delivering sharp and legible texts as well as crisp and vivid color graphics or photos. Canon FINE inkjet technology also takes a major contribution to give this excellent print quality.

  • Easy connectivity

Enjoy the easy setup and operations from your mobile phone. The PIXMA G7020 features Wi-Fi connectivity that enables you to pair with a smartphone and control the printing machine. Needless to say, the connectivity also allows you to print documents or photos from your smartphone and even from social media sites. It also supports print from Google Cloud Print and Apple AirPrint.

Canon PIXMA G7020 Cons

  • Small LCD display

The PIXMA G7020 has a 2-line display that shows you the printer status and on-going operation. Unfortunately, the display is too small so you need to focus to see what’s displayed. Not to mention the display is mono, giving a classic accent to this modern printer device.

  • Rather bulky and heavy

If you have a narrow office, this PIXMA G7020 can be a problem. This printer device is constructed in a rather bulky design that consumes more space on your desktop. Aside from its big size, the all-in-one printer is also surprisingly heavy. If you plan to move, you may need more effort to transfer this printer.

Bottom Line

The Canon PIXMA G7020 is specifically designed to help grow your business. This printer device is supported by advanced technology and features such as Wi-Fi connectivity and excellent print quality. The G7020 also offers refillable ink to get rid of messy ink refills and pricey cartridge replacement.

However, the G7020 is not that perfect as it delivers a small LCD display with a classic look. If you don’t have any problem with the small mono display and bulky design, the Canon PIXMA G7020 can be a great printer for your office. Have you made any decision after knowing this review?

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