Canon PIXMA G3260 MegaTank Review, Pros and Cons

Canon PIXMA G3260

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The Canon PIXMA G3260 is a wireless printer designed for improving productivity. Featuring a refillable supertank with 30 times more print volumes than conventional ink cartridges, it promises cost-efficient printing to simplify your budget.

The G3260 is a multifunction printer that lets you print, copy, and scan conveniently. Combining inkjet printing technology and hybrid inks, enjoy high-quality output with crisp and accurate colors. As a bonus, upgrade your printing experience with mobile printing capability.

Canon PIXMA G3260 Design

Canon’s MegaTank series have a straightforward design which makes them easy to distinguish. The G3260 holds this tradition and it’s pretty easy to identify among other printer models. Besides, it also has MegaTank’s typical two-tone cover that gives a strong modern look.

This model has a robust construction with premium hard plastic material. With such sturdiness, it won’t rattle during operation as I often found in printers with flimsy covers.

From the top, the G3260 is quite similar to the Canon Pixma G2260. Both printers house a simple control panel with a 2-line mono LCD for easier setting and operation. The panel also includes a power button, arrow keys, and other functional buttons.

Canon PIXMA G3260 Design

If you have a small space, I can confirm the Canon PIXMA G3260 won’t give you a headache. Measuring 6.6 inches high by 17.6 inches wide by 13 inches deep, this model is a great space saver. Although the depth increases to 21.9 inches, it fits easily on to your bench.

I love the design of Canon MegaTank and the G3260 is no exception. I will be happy to have this printer in my home office.

AIO Printer with Great Versatility

PIXMA G3260 is a multifunction printer with a great versatility. It can easily handle your everyday tasks, from printing to copying to scanning. Each functionality is optimized with capable specs to provide you with the best results.

From print functionality, you can take benefit from high resolution up to 4800 x 1200 dpi. With inkjet printing technology, it manages to produce excellent results for text and photos. Whether you are students, parents, or small business owner, this printer is highly dependable.

AIO Printer with Great VersatilityCopying document comes easy with a capable copier. With a bunch of features, such as borderless copy, multiple copy, auto exposure, and zoom/reduction, duplicating text and photo won’t be a big deal. Be sure your document size doesn’t exceed 8.5 inches by 11.7 inches.

And, the G3260 has a flatbed scanner that helps transform your paper document into a digital file. Supported with maximum resolution up to 600 x 1200 dpi, you can enjoy clear files on your computer. The scanner features wireless scanning, document scanning, scan to PDF, and much more.

Acceptable Input Capacity

Acceptable Input Capacity

Much like typical entry-level printers for home environment, the Canon PIXMA G3260 adopts rear paper feeding with acceptable input capacity. The rear input tray lets you load up to 100 sheets or 4 x 6 sheets of plain paper or photo paper consecutively.

This printer supports a variety of media sizes from 3.5 inches by 3.5 inches to custom size, in addition to letter and legal that comes standard. It also lets you print borderless photos with different sizes, from 3.5 inches by 3.5 inches to card size.

Print on a variety of media types as the G3260 has a wide range of paper compatibility. Whether you want to use plain paper, glossy paper, or matte paper, this printer will do the job. It is also compatible with other media types like magnetic photo paper and greeting cards for a creative project.

However, this model does not come with an automatic document feeder that allows 2-sided printing, copying or scanning without user intervention. For a printer in this price range, I believe many users expect this feature.

Fast Print Speed for Home Use

The G3260 is rated at 10.8 pages per minute for black and 6.0 pages per minute for color. I’m not really impressed with this rating but it’s good enough for home use. But if you are using it for small business, it might be a bit tardy.

As a comparison, the G3260 is slightly faster than its AIO counterpart, the HP Envy 6075 that produces up to 10 ppm for black. However, HP’s model comes with a faster speed when working with color documents as it manages to print up to 7 pages per minute.

How do I feel about this print speed? So far, it is fine for a home environment that does not require lightning speed printing. You can enjoy working with paperwork or homework without spending much time.

Canon PIXMA G3260 Print Results

While many entry-level printers come with standard output quality—even some have major issues with legibility, the Canon PIXMA G3260 is really a thing. Coming with a boast of fantastic print results, it is reliable to tackle everyday printing.

Canon PIXMA G3260 Print Results

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This printer works well for any type of documents, both text and photo. I did not find major issues with legibility, even when I used smaller fonts. The characters were well shaped and crisp, which made me believe that it could be a good option for business documents.

If you often print snapshots or photographs, this printer never fails you. It produces excellent photos with vivid and accurate colors. You will also enjoy impeccable details that make your images look real. This is a printer that will bring your photos to life.

On another test with fills and gradients, the G3260 gave its best performance. It produced smooth gradation and I did not find noticeable hairline or banding like other entry-level home printers. Printing graphics or chart for your presentation comes easy with this device.

Overall, Canon’s G3260 is undoubtedly a dependable printer that produces high quality output. With accurate and vivid colors, printing text and photo is a piece of cake. I’m pretty sure that it can be a nice option for printing business document.

Wireless Connectivity and Software

Hi-Speed USB and Wi-Fi come as a standard interface that enables you to build a reliable connection with other devices. With the support of wired and wireless connectivity, you have more printing options than other MegaTank series, such as the G2260.

Wireless Connectivity

Being a wireless printer, that means you can connect this device with your smartphone. For upgraded printing experience, it supports mobile apps for Android and iOS. Those compatible apps include Mopria, CanonPRINT, Apple Airprint, and Easy-PhotoPrint Editor App.

Additionally, the G3260 is supported by Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. With these smart assistant support, operating this printer will be far easier.

SuperTank Printer with Refillable Inks

The Canon PIXMA G3260 highlights integrated ink tanks with super capacity to produce more printing volume. These refillable ink tanks let you ditch conventional cartridge, so no more waste that may harm the environment.

SuperTank Printer with Refillable Inks

Enjoy hassle free ink refill with innovative ink bottles. Each bottle is designed with a different shape, preventing you from filling the wrong color. Simply insert the bottle to the right color tank and it will stop once the tank becomes full.

This model uses pigment-based inks and dye-based inks for black and color. It is compatible with GI-21 inks, in which each black bottle produces up to 6,000 pages while the color bottles produce up to 7,700 bottles. The higher print volume means the lower print costs.

Canon PIXMA G3260 Pros and Cons

  • Higher Print Volume with Ink Tanks
  • Reliable Output
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Small LCD Display

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Do you think the G3260 is an ideal printer for your family? It may have a lot of good features but it also has some shortage that should be thought. I hope the following pros and cons will help you make a decision.

Canon PIXMA G3260 Pros

  • Higher Print Volume with Ink Tanks

Featuring refillable ink tanks, this model boasts higher print volume. It is able to print 30 times what you can produce with a conventional cartridge. That also means it can help cut your budget on consumables.

  • Reliable Output

A home printer with professional quality is here. If you are looking for a printing device with fantastic output, the G3260 should be on the list. Whether you want to print text or photos, it can handle the tasks with ease.

  • Wireless Connectivity

Finally I can find a printer under MegaTank series which offers wireless connectivity. Connecting the printer to your smartphone and perform mobile printing is at your fingertips. Not to mention it also supports smart assistant for a better printing experience.

Canon PIXMA G3260 Cons

  • Small LCD Display

Small and monochrome 2-line LCD display somehow makes this printer looks less attractive. It would be much better with a bigger color LCD screen. It may not affect the overall performance but if you care about appearance, LCD display matters.


Well, I come to the conclusion that the Canon PIXMA G3260 is a versatile printer with a set of useful features. This wireless inkjet helps improve productivity with AIO functionality, from printing to scanning to copying. With refillable ink tanks, it promises higher volume with lower print costs.

Is the G3260 worth purchasing? The G3260 can be a great option to handle your everyday printing tasks, both text document and photo. Despite it having few drawbacks like small LCD display and lack of ADF, it has more other features to enjoy.

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